Zior Park Profile

Zior Park Profile | One of a Kind Rapper of Beautiful Noise

Zior Park Profile

Name: Park Jiwon
Brithdate: 11 October 1994
Debut: 2018
Crew: SyndromeZ
Label: Beautiful Noise
Instagram: @ziorpark

Have Willy Wonka as role model, Zior Park were one of the most unique artist in the Korean Hiphop scene. Music video with a eerie and uncanny vibe, use full english lyrics in his songs and a really music style, he’s one of a kind.

Zior Park Profile | Debut in 2018 with Benefits

Zior Park official debut is a collaboration with Hiphopplaya. Even in his first official track release, Zior Park have showing that he’s one of a kind musician in South Korea Korean Hiphop Scene. Not only music wise, his music video sense were also one thing that caught people eye.

Zior Park benefits Music Video credits:

Cast Zior Park (@ziorpark) Silla (@silla_mystique)
Executive Producer Chuck Bluman (@chuckbluman)
Main Camera Director Sean D.no (@sean.d.no_official)
Assistant Camera Chanye (@cha_nye)

Zior Park Profile | Unveiled as Beautiful Noise Artist

SMTM 777 contestant Mommy Son create new Music Agency Beautiful Noise in early 2019. Beautiful Noise unveil their artist lineup by release the song Noise which include Zior Park

Beautiful Noise artist lineup:
– Kim Seungmin
– Mommy Son
– Zior Park

How do you play, with fellow Beautiful Noise Artist

Yoo Jaesuk TV program How do You Play have a Yuplash project. The project itself started when Yoo Jaesuk learn to play drum and it was extended to show a simple drum beat can become multiple different style of music. This version of How do you Play feature Rhythm Power, Dynamic Duo, GRAY, Crush, Sam Kim, and Beautiful Noise artist including Zior Park

Zior Park Profile | Full album Thunderbird Motel

“This is demo tape based on a diary found at the THUNDERBIRD motel”

Zior Park release full album Thunderbird Motel, the song Lonely Diver is also well received by the public. This album were actually a demo tape and not plan to be released by Zior Park because he think it’s not good enough to be released. But other said that it’s gonna be a waste to throw this album away so he release it in 2020.

TMI: He were inspired by movie Big eyes that was released back in 2014

Zior Park Profile | Dingo Freestyle Rising Verse

Zior Park is one of the rising artist in 2020 and 2021. No Wonder he was included in Dingo Freestyle project Rising verse alongside SMTM 10 contestant Sokodomo and Mudd The Student. Three unique rapper gonna turn Korean Hiphop scene upside down soon!

Zior Park Profile | Recent Activity | Syndromez album

Zior Park latest album were titled Syndromez. One of his popular track were Active Volcano featuring Tabber which he made a band version of it when appear on Mic Swagger Booth.

Listen to other songs of Zior Park on Spotify and Apple Music

Zior Park profile will keep being updated when there’s more information available


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