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Zion T Profile | Superlative Versatile Artist With Scads Of Crowning Achievements

Zion T profile

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Name : Kim Hansol

Birthdate : April 13, 1989

Agency : The Black Label

Crew: VV:D

Debut : 2011

Zion. T (Kim Hansol) is a prominent all-rounder South Korean artist born in Heukseok-dong, Seoul on April 13, 1989. Started his career in his early 20s, Zion.T has constantly shown his proficiency in the music industry. Zion. T ratified himself as a prosperous inventive artist in a decade of doing his line of work.

Zion T Profile Fun fact: Zion.T stage name is because the word Zion (A Hill in Jerusalem) and T which symbolize the Cross.

Zion T Profile. Early Life

Little Kim Hansol was a son of a taxi driver, living with his parents and 2 older sisters. In his boyhood, Zion. T once ever wanted to be an archaeologist before knowing his real forte in the music industry. Just like any other normal kid, Zion. T elapsed his school year well and quietly.

During high school, Zion.T showed an attentiveness in painting and actually has a prospect on it. But due to his family’s financial difficulty, he decided to pursue music instead because it cost less money. Forsooth, his unique singing style was forged owing to the fact that he could not make loud noises when he did a recording back then. He used to record his music in his small room and stashed away from his family. Even though he has a very unique tuneful voice, Zion. T never ever had a vocal lesson before.

Zion. T Debut Single, Click Me Feat. Dok2

When all was said and done, Zion. T made his official debut with a single entitled Click Me featuring Dok2 in April 2011. Still in the same year, Zion. T became an enterprising artist and continuously worked with other foremost Korean hip-hop musicians such as Simon Dominic, Gray, Crucial Star, Primary, and Dok2.

Around 2 years later, in 2013, Zion. T released his first album “Red Light ” with the song Babay as the title track, bringing Gaeko as the featuring. There or thereabouts summer in 2013, Zion. T announced to be joining Amoeba Culture (hip-hop label established by Dynamic Duo and Go Kyungmin).

Red Light Playlist On Youtube

The Turning Point Of Zion.T Life

Zion T Profile

After debuting, Zion. T tirelessly worked and released a single, a studio album, an EP, also being featured with other artists. Following his perpetual job, Zion. T had met his turning point. Back in the day he was reading a comment saying that Zion. T is actually a good singer, but he is not the type of singer who touches people with his song. At that time he realized that it was one of his problems and he really wanted to overcome it. He even stopped doing music for around 9 months, he could not write his own music.

Thereafter his hiatus, Zion T profile contine. Finally conquered the problem and he found a way to deliver and pour an emotion into a song. Thence he gained his confidence and released one of his greatest hits, Yanghwa BRDG (Yanghwa Bridge) on October 1, 2014.

The Story Of Yanghwa BRDG

Yanghwa BRDG is a masterpiece with an utterly exquisite lyric made by Zion. T based on his true story. The song apprises the life of Zion. T, capturing from his childhood into what he has been doing lately. Zion. T vaguely imparted the privation he had faced when he was young when his dad had to work hard as a taxi driver and end his shift in the dawn.

Whenever he misses his dad, Zion. T called him to ask where his dad at and his dad was always at the Yanghwa bridge. When he was young, Zion. T never understood how it feels to be walking on that bridge, but once he’s grown and crossed the bridge, he finally knew the reason why his dad was always at the Yanghwa bridge.

The Acme Of Zion T Profile career

Zion T Profile

Ensuing his successful comeback and overcoming the turning point of his life, Zion T profile just getting started. He’s expand his fame and reached a lot of fans with his music. On February 1, 2015 Zion. T collaborated with his crewmate in “VV:D”, who was also his labelmate, Crush. Their song titled Just and it led them to win a major award at Mnet Asian Music Awards 2015 for the Best Collaboration. Still in the same awards, Zion. T took the trophy for the Best Vocal Performance (Male). In the exact next year Zion. T maintained to get hold of 3 awards, he won the Bonsang award twice in Seoul Music Awards and Golden Disc Awards, the other award is R&B Discovery Of The Year at Gaon Chart Music Awards.

In 2016, Zion T profile continue, After his terminated contract with Amoeba Culture, Zion. T decided to sign with The Black Label, YG subsidiary label.

Just, Collaboration Between A Best Friend

Engrossing Collaboration

In early 2017, Zion. T released his album “OO” under The Black Label. Along with The Song as the title track, Sorry feat. Beenzino and Complex feat. G.Dragon aroused public attention. Subsequent to his smash hit “OO”, Zion. T returned with a new album “zzz”, this time he brought Seulgi of Red Velvet to be featured on his song with the title Hello Tutorial. And the latest release is Bench where he got to be featured on AKMU’s album in 2021.

Show Me The Money Producer | Latest update of Zion T Profile

Zion. T has made a lot of appearances on hip-hop survival shows such as Mix Nine, My Major Is Hip-Hop, Sign Here, and Show Me The Money 5-9-10.

After successfully bringing lIlBOI of Geeks as the winner of SMTM9 under his team with Giriboy, Zion T Profile continue with Mnet assigned Zion. T to be SMTM10 producer paired with Slom. Thereby the announcement made by Mnet stirred the show’s fans and they really thought that Zion. T and Slom will be having a high compatibility together. Their teamwork is one of the most-awaits from the show this season.

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