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Zion T Eat Lyrics Transcription | HAN and English

Zion T Eat Lyrics Transcription

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[Verse 1]


쉽지 않죠 바쁘죠

왜 이렇게 까지 

해야 하나 싶죠 바라는 게 

더럽게 많죠 (그렇죠)

쉬고 싶죠 시끄럽죠

다 성가시죠?

집에 가고 싶죠?

(집에 있는데도) 

집에 가고 싶을 거야


그럴 땐 이 노래를

초콜릿처럼 꺼내 먹어요

피곤해도 아침 점심 밥 좀 

챙겨 먹어요

그러면 이따 내가 칭찬해줄게요

[Verse 2]

보고 싶어 많이 좋아해요

더 많이 안아주고 싶어요

사랑, 사랑 비슷한 걸 해요

어쩌면 정말 사랑해요


배고플 땐 이 노래를

아침 사과처럼 꺼내 먹어요

피곤해도 아침 점심 밥 좀 

챙겨 먹어요

그러면 이따 밤에 잠도 잘 올 거에요


힘들어요 아름다워서 


알아봐줘요 나를

흘려 보내지 마요 나를

사랑해줘요 날, 날

놓치지 마요


[Verse 1]


It’s not easy, huh? 

I know you’re busy

You wonder why you have to come this far

They want so much (I know)

You must want a break It’s all so loud

All so annoying, right?

I bet you want to go home?

(Even when you’re home)

I bet you do


At such times, take out this song

Enjoy it like a piece of chocolate

Make sure you eat your meals,

Even if you’re tired

Then I’ll compliment you later

[Verse 2]

I miss you, I like you a lot

I want to hug you more often

I feel something like love for you

Maybe, I really do love you


When you feel hungry, take out this song

Eat it like a morning apple

Make sure you eat your meals,

Even if you’re tired

Then you’ll be able to sleep better at night


I’m worn out by your beauty 


Please notice me

Please don’t let me pass by

Please love me, me

Don’t let me go

Zion T Eat lyrics Credit

Zion T eat Lyrics Hangeul fetched at Genie & English translation by 1theK team

Transcribe dby Dailykhhrnb

Zion T Eat credit

Composed by Zion.T, BrotherSu
Lyrics by Zion.T
Arranged by Seo Wonjin &, BrotherSu
Chorus by Zion.T
Keyboard by BrotherSu
Bass by Baek Kyungjin
Drum programming by BrotherSu
Recording engineer Oh Danyoung @Amoeba Studio
Mixing Engineer: Go Hyunjung @Musicabal
Mastered by Miles Showell @Abbey Road Studios, UK

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