Zico Mino Okey Dokey

Zico Mino OKey Dokey | Is that True?

Song Mino from WINNER was a contestant in Show Me the Money season 4. He joined the Zico and Paloalto team and was the last contestant in this team. He made it to the Final Round and he was against Basick to compete for the winning position.

Zico Mino Okey Dokey performance

Zico Mino Okey Dokey were performed in the first stage for the Final Round. The song made the audience excited and they were enjoying the performance. The hook was super addicting and you can follow it in the first listen. They had a good chemistry on the stage and you could really see that they were having fun together without any worry about the competition. They both wore yellow shirts and created some choreography. It was nice to see these two best friends enjoying the stage.

Mino and Zico have been friends since they trained together before they debuted. They are supposed to debut as Block B but Mino left the company before they happen to debut. But their friendship is still going on until now.

Zico MINo Okey Dokey topped the music chart and gained a lot of streams. On Spotify, this song has been played 35 million times. And on YouTube, Okey Dokey stage has already gained 32 million views and it keeps increasing.  From casual listeners to celebrities, everybody is enjoying this song.

Okey Dokey Lyrics

Zico Mino OKey Dokey

If I had to choose between money and fame, I wouldn’t hesitate and just take it all

Both Mino and Zico verse mostly tells about their successful life and what they have now. They mentioned what they do everyday and how they enjoy their life.

If you wanna live the good life, you can’t be slow

You need to endlessly bend your back

Before I sleep, I think of everything

Zico Mino Okey Dokey Famous Performance

In Seoul Music Awards 2017, Zico was performing Bermuda Triangle and Okey Dokey. When he was singing Okey Dokey, he came to Mino who was also attending the awards in audience seats. Zico threw the mic to Mino suddenly and they ended up singing it together. They looked like they were just having fun even though it was an award show.

Zico Mino Okey Dokey become a Hits in 2020

Without no one expecting, this song blew up again in 2020 because of a Korean drama, True Beauty. There was a scene when the second lead character, Han Seo-jun, sang and danced to this song. This drama was popular since it was adapted from a famous Webtoon. And because of that, people started to listen to this song again. It reached a bigger audience and people who love this song are getting wider.

The actor who played the role Han Seo-jun, Hwang In-yeop is a fan of WINNER and it all made sense that he loves Zico MIno Okey Dokey.

Zico Mino Okey Dokey

Mino Profile


Song Min-ho is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer from the group WINNER. He debuted in 2014 with 2014 S/S album after WINNER won a survival show WIN : Who Is Next by YG Entertainment. They got a Perfect All Kill in music charts back in 2014 from their debut album. The song Empty was the title song in their debut album and the rest songs in the album also peaked the music chart.

In 2020, Mino released his solo album TAKE with the title song Runaway. TAKE was the second full album he released after XX in 2018. TAKE has a different kind of song compared to XX. He also joined variety shows including New Journey to the West. Now he actively creates paintings and participates in some exhibitions.

Zico Profile


Woo Ji-ho, or mainly known as Zico is a rapper and leader of the group Block B. He debuted in 2011 with the song Freeze!. He joined the crew Fanxy Child with Dean, Millic, Crush, Penomeco, and Staytuned.

He was the producer for SMTM4 with Paloalto and SMTM6 with Dean. Songs he made in SMTM gained a lot of attention including Okey Dokey, Fear, Turtle Ship, Yozm Gang, and Red Sun.

In 2020, he officially served the military on July 30th. He entered basic military serving for four weeks and will serve as a social worker according to KOZ Entertainment.

Looking back on their journey from training together until they found their success, it is proper to say that they deserved all the fame and achievement from Zico Mino Okey Dokey. Seeing them having fun and creating a successful song together made us love this song even more. 

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