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Bermuda Triangle, a song by Zico that sang by the bermuda triangle in Korean hip hop scene : Zico, Dean and Crush. This masterpiece shows a different type of music no one ever imagined. Let’s dig into all about the song, Zico Bermuda Triangle

Zico Bermuda Triangle released back in 2016. This song has a strong beat combined with Zico’s strong rap. Both Dean and Crush filled this song with their clear and strong vocalization. When listening to this song, you can hear the lyrics clearly. The song is 3 minutes and 27 seconds long and every second of it gives you chills.

Zico Bermuda Triangle with DEAN & CRUSH

Zico Bermuda Triangle music video shooted in some different places. At first you see a hill in black and white filter where they walked in a wide scenery. Dean was the first one who sing in this place. Dean’s lyrics Don’t let’em in let’em in get out my zone is very fast and make us questioning what did he say.

Next when Zico started his rap, the music video became colorful with a neon lighting tone. The way Zico says ‘huh’ at the end of his bars makes the song more impressive. Zico emphasized the word ‘hakuna matata’ and it gave goosebumps to the listeners.

Before starting Crush’s verse, Zico said ‘crush’ in a very chilling way. Crush started his verse in the same place with Dean.  Mula mula we gon pour up, Murder murder hush your breath. Crush has rhymes in the middle of his verse.

Bermuda Triangle topped the Korean real time digital charts when it was released. This song made Zico, Crush, and Dean perform together in MAMA 2016, one of the biggest Korean music awards. This song was also nominated in the Rap/Hip hop category in Melon Music Awards 2017. This shows how popular the song is.

Zico Bermuda Triangle with Dean and Crush MAMA 2016

Their performance in MAMA 2016 in Hong Kong received a lot of love since they performed it perfectly. They don’t have any choreography but their stage presence fills the whole stage. The three of them wore matching clothes in black and created a good chemistry on the stage.

Zico, Dean, and Crush is a part of crew named Fanxy Child with Penomeco, Stay Tuned, and Millic. This group is a project under KOZ Entertainment. They have been active since 2016 but officially made their debut in 2019 with the song Y. Fanxy Child consists of rappers, singers, DJ, and producer. This crew started from a friendship relation and finally became a crew.

Zico Bermuda Triangle Credits

Zico Bermuda Triangle

Composed by ZICO, Deanfluenza, Crush, Poptime
Lyrics by ZICO, Deanfluenza, Crush
Arranged by ZICO, Poptime
Chorus by ZICO, Deanfluenza, Crush, PENOMECO
Keyboard by ZICO, Poptime
Recorded by Eunkyung Jung @IN GRID Studio
Mixed by Shin Yongsik of Stay Tuned @Hannam bling
Mastered by Namwoo Kwon @JFS Mastering

Zico Profile

Zico Bermuda Triangle

Zico is a South Korean rapper, producer, song writer, and a leader of a group Block B. He debuted as a member of Block B but also actively worked as a solo. He released Tough Cookie in 2014 as his solo debut.

Zico is also known as a famous songwriter and producer. He made songs for TV shows like Show Me the Money, Produce X 101, and I-LAND. He likes to collaborate with a lot of artists. Zico established his own label KOZ Entertainment in 2019. He said that he wanted to help other artists to grow their potential.

Dean Profile


Dean is a South Korean singer, song writer, and producer. His genre is mostly RnB but sometimes he raps. Now he is signed with you.will.knovv. He became a producer in SMTM6 with Zico and became the winning producer. Until now, he has released 1 full album and 12 singles. One of his popular songs is instagram that he released in 2017. He also made songs for Korean idol groups like EXO’s Growl and VIXX’s Voodoo Doll.

Crush Profile


Crush is a singer and songwriter that is now under PNation. He joins the crew Fanxy Child with Zico and Dean, also VV:D with Gray, Loco, Zion.T, and ELO. He started his career with Amoeba Culture, a label by Dynamic Duo. He is popular for his song for Korean drama Goblin OST, Beautiful.

Now, he is serving in the military from 2020. Before serving the military, he released an EP with HER. Recently, he is featured in AKMU’s song Stupid Love Song.

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