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Zayvo Kawasaki Ninja | Not a PPL

Second single that Zayvo release this year, Kawasaki Ninja the latest release of the singer from Craft & Jun. Why the name of motorcycle though? Is it an advertising track? Zayvo always want to have this motorcycle since he’s still a kid, it’s his dream bike. The song were also mark the evolution of music style of Zayvo who want to try lots of different type of music in the near future.

Zayvo Kawasaki Ninja Music Video

Zayvo Kawasaki Ninja Credits

Zayvo Kawasaki Ninja Cover

Lyricist Zayvo
Composed by Zayvo, HAE
Arranged by HAE
Mixing & Master NahzamSue @ Wormwood Hill Studio
p) 2021 CRAFT AND JUN, EMA Recordings

Zayvo profile

Debut in 2019 with EP Collection. Zayvo is not only a singer but also a songwriter/lyricist. As a songwriter he write lyrics for Blue.D song Nobody and Jinu of WINNER track Call Me Anytime that both feature Mino. Zayvo also used to be a part of YGX but now he’s a part of Craft & Jun agency.

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