Yuleum Wedaplugg

Yuleum Wedaplugg Records | 2009 Liner Youngest Artist of IMJMWDP

Yuleum Wedaplugg Records. When Wedaplugg tease a new artist to their lineup. Lots of name swirl around by fans, is it artist that sAewoo produce song for? Is it an artist that work with Giriboy? We never thought that it’s gonna be a really young artist, especially someone borin the age of 2009.

Yuleum Wedaplugg Records is a shock to everyone. We saw lot of talented young rapper in recent years. few years ago we consider D.ark, Jo Woochan, and Park Hyeonjin as really young artist when they appear at survival program such as High School Rapper. Now it’s a common sight to see rapper pursue their music career at really young age. Including the latest edition fo Wedaplugg Records Yuleum. Who personally scouted by Swings.

Swings story about meeting Yuleum Wedaplugg

Yuleum Wedaplugg Records

About three months ago, @2s_songguk Seongguk through the call, asked “Don’t you think SaWoo’s gonna kill me?” while he played someone’s music to me 
He was an elementary school student and he produced, filmed, edited, composed, and rapped all by himself. 
Without exaggeration, I listened to it for about a minute and started recruiting him right away. 
I sent DM right away and asked where his house was, Gyeongsang-do, Daegu… lol 
I called his parents and left with Se-Woo. 
We went with my car at 9 p.m.
Arriving late at night, it was a city with weak regulations due to Corona (at the time). 
It’s been a while since we two had a drink at a bar (t/n street vendor) past 10 o’clock. 
The next day, I met Yul-eum with his mother, after a long time.. 
I thought, “People will definitely feel this kind of friend.” 
My brother? Baby? Yul-eum joined WEDAPLUGG, and in a few days, the mixtape will be released. 
The baby does everything by himself! 
I’m so proud and happy because it’s been a long time since I’ve had another wind in the hip-hop scene. Please give Yul-eum a lot of love. Or just listen to his music!

Let’s not waste time. Let’s just give it right away. Congratulations, Yul-eum! 


I’ll be doing music with YULEUM , an elementary school student.

Yuleum Wedaplugg Records alongside:

  • OLNL
  • Yunhway
  • sAewoo
  • K.vsh
  • Giriboy
  • Swings
  • Jhnovr
  • Lil Tachi

Yuleum Profile

Born in 2009, YULEUM is the youngest artist in IMJMWDP with various talents and potential, including rap, singing, producing, performing, mixing, and video performance. Yes you read it right, he does everything by himself in the age of 12. Check out one of the song that Yuleum perform, that he produce, perform, mix and record by himself: Roblox dreams.

Yuleum also plan to release an Album with 14 tracks right after he joined Wedaplugg records. Yuleum Wedaplugg records is ready!


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