Yourbeagle Line 9 Girl

Yourbeagle Line 9 Girl | A Honest Dream

Kim Mijung or known with her stage name Yourbeagle release a new single Line 9 Girl. Her 20th release thi syear, former school rapper 1 contestant Yourbeagle have been gaining recognition through multiple platform; her YouTube channel where she release songs cover, guesting on multiple YouTube program and TikTok.

Yourbeagle Line 9 Girl feat D-Hack

The song contain Yourbeagle personal experience and wish to live her life the best to achieve her dreams. Yourbeagle hope the song can be an encouragement for young generation to pursue her dreams even when they need to commute on Subway Line 9 every single day.

Yourbeagle Line 9 Girl Credits

Yourbeagle LIne 9 cover

– Exclusive Producer : WONA ENTERTAINMENT
– Producer : Juncoco
– A&R : Juncoco
– Composed by : Ain, Panda (Panda), Mijeong Kim, D-Hack, Juncoco, Suzo
– Arrange by : Ain, Gnyok, Juncoco
– Lyrics by : Mijeong Kim, D-Hack, Juncoco
– Sung by : Mijeong Kim, D-Hack
– Mixed by : Uncle Jo @ Jo Lab
– Mastered by : Jeongeon Park @ Honey Butter Studio
– Vocal Tune Edited by : Yang Seoyeon
– Piano by : Ain
– Synthesizer by : Ain
– MV Director : Jake Sung
– MV DOP: Yongseok Lee
– MV Gaffer: Junseok Oh
– MV Art: Jake, Jiwon Park, Eunjeong Kim
– Photographer : Jangseokhyeon @Geum Sang Kwan
– Album Design : EN
– Hair : @b_able_hair BEABLE HAIR
– Make up, Hair : Suzin Kim
– Styling : Stylist Koh Taewoo
– Nail : @heysee.jelly Hey See

Yourbeagle Profile

Debut in 2018, Yourbeagle have release in total 69 songs with 18 features. Kim Mijung (Yourbeagle real name) is not only active in music industry but also start her YouTube channel, TikTok, guest on other youtube programs and as model. She’s a part of Wayside Town crew and WONA entertainment.

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