YLN Foreign Full of scars

Full Of Scars l YLN Foreign Releasing the Rosy Double Single

One of the notorious young rappers YLN Foreign finally released his double single under the title “Full Of Scars”. This time YLN collaborated with an exemplary producer under H1HGR MUSIC, WOOGIE and the rising rapper Lil Gimchi. The double single officially released to any music streaming platforms on September 20, 2021. The single Full Of Scars also released its music video on September 27, 2021.

Official Music Video For Full Of Scars By YLN Foreign Feat. Lil Gimchi

“Full Of Scars” contained 2 tracks titled DEMO (Prod. by WOOGIE) and Full Of Scars (Feat. Lil Gimchi). The first single, DEMO, is a song about asking someone to stay and to believe in him. YLN also tells slightly on the lyrics about him never regretting the path he took to pursue his music career and how he has been working hard ever since the start.

Full Of Scars, the second single, is more likely the story about YLN Foreign and all he has been through working on the music scene. He tells a lot about his family and how his painstaking self tries to survive living in the world full of hatred. Through this single, YLN wanted to embrace others who were facing the similar condition like him with YLN personal story to work and to earn.

YLN Foreign Full Of Scars credits

YLN Forieng Full Of Scars


Lyrics by YLN Foreign
Composed by WOOGIE
Arranged by WOOGIE
Mastered by Chanmin Jeon at Mat Kor Studio

2. Full of scars (Feat.Lil) Gimchi)

Lyrics by YLN Foreign, Lil Gimchi
Composed by Bad Tree
arranged by Bad Tree
guitar by Jeonghwa Oh
mix by Leansmoke, Chanmin Jeon at Mat Kor Studio
mastered by Chanmin Jeon at Mat Kor Studio

photo by tearsbypast
Published by CPU

YLN Foreign Profile

YLN Foreign

Lee Jungwoon, better known with his stage name as YLN Foreign is a South Korean  propitious young rapper. YLN debuted in 2019 under the name 24KID and later in 2020 he changed his stage name into YLN Foreign as the short of Youth Love Nowhere. He appeared in Show Me The Money 777 and also became the finalist of High School Rapper 4,

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