Yang Dail Ocean Waves

Yang Dail Ocean Waves | A Project with Kozypop

Ocean Waves, a new song of Yang Dail that participate in a project with Kozypop. Kozypop is a music platform that bring South Korea cozy music to your room. Often collaborate with KR&B artist that suit the mood, they often release a project that could be a single, EP, or even an album filled with songs and illustration that suit certain type of mood. What are you vibing to recently? Kozypop have all the songs for each vibe.

Yang Dail Ocean Waves Prod by NIVE Music Video

Produced by NIVE, Ocean Waves is a song with an voice full of appeal and sincere lyrics accompanied by lyrical piano melody. Ocean waves is just like a heart, unstable but full of warmth. The song was created so that anyone who listens reminded of their loved one.

Yang Dail Ocean Waves credits

Yang Dail Ocean Waves Credit

Lyrics by Jisoo Park(153/Joombas)
Composed by Jisoo Park(153/Joombas), Yoon Jung( 153/Joombas)
Arranged by Yoon Jung(153/Joombas)
Keyboard by Yoon Jung(153/Joombas)
Mixed by Jiyeop Kim @Delight Sound
Mastered by Namwoo Kwon @821 Sound

Executive Creative Director : A June
Creative Management : Songbloom, Yoon
A&R : mezisue, Bedroom
Artwork: Two di

Project Director: KozyPop

Yang Dail Profile

Debut in 2015, the Seoul Institute of the Arts alumni were a regular guest on the top of Melon chart. Mutiple hit track were released by Yang Dail. Not only by himself, Yang Dail also have been releasing duo song including with Wendy of Red Velvet, Hanhae, Hyolyn, Vincent Blue, and many more.

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