Yang Dail Absence

Yang Dail Absence | Feels of Longing That Can’t be Filled

There’s 2 version of Yang Dail. The soulful R&B singer and the melancholy feels ballad singer. This time we got the ballad singer of Yang Dail that release a new single titled Absence. Not only a great sense of music, Yang Dail also have a sorrowful voice that can strike through into our hearts. Not only his solo release, multiple ballad songs for K-drama OST were also sang by Yang Dail.

Yang Dail Absence Live Clip

As the past love subside like a low tide
the waves of longing filled my heart
Emotions that even I can’t gauge
Feels of longing that can’t be filled

Yang Dail Absence description

Yang Dail Absence Credits

Yang Dail Absence cover

Lyrics by bigguyrobin, Empress Dowager
Composed by bigguyrobin
Arranged by Choi Sang- eon, Kim Hong- jun 
Piano by Kim Hong- jun
Guitar by Choi Sang-eon, Lee Hyun-seung
Bass by Park Jong-hyun
Drums by Choi Seok-hwan
Strings Arranged by Kim Hong-jun
Strings by Jung String

Recorded by Jang Su-nam @Velvet Studio
Mixed by Jung Ki-hong (assi. Dain Choi) @Seoul Studio
Mastered by Namwoo Kwon @821 Sound Mastering

Artwork by Hyunwoo Han

Yang Dail Profile

Debut in 2015, Yang Dail is one of the OST King that often participate in K-drama OST. In total of 15 K-drama OST were sang by Yang Dail, including drama such as Hospital Ship, Lovers of the Red Sky, and Hotel Del Luna. Part of Brand New Music since his debut days, Yang Dail already release in total of 130 songs.

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