Xydo Minseo I

Xydo Minseo I | An Euphony Duet Song

A cold night is perfect with a touch of ballad songs. If you’re looking for a new ballad song, you might want to listen the song I by Xydo and Minseo that just released. Through Xydo’s sentimental vocal and Minseo soft voice, they showed a harmony in this song.

The song I is Xydo’s second release in 2021 after a single titled Me Without You with Moonbyul of MAMAMOO. Also in 2021, he released his second EP titled CYCLE. Xydo showed to the fans his various styles and vocals through his releases throughout the year.

Xydo Minseo I Music Video

Xydo Minseo release their collaboration on October 19th 2021. This ballad song matches with the cold weather that has been happening lately. Xydo and Minseo showed a great subtle chemistry in this song. They sang this song together in a Live Clip that was posted on GROOVL1N YouTube Channel on the release date. Watch the full version:

Both Xydo and Minseo dressed casually in the Live Clip and matches the video concept. The live clip is very emotional, feels like a Korean drama OST. Xydo and Minseo showed their vocal capability and emotion through the video.

Xydo Minseo I Song Credit

Xydo Minseo I cover

Produced by Xydo, YOOSEOK
Lyrics by Xydo
Arranged by Xydo, YOOSEOK
Piano by Steven
Guitar by Branden, Jo Jung- hyun
String Arrangement by YOOSEOK
Mixed by Choi Min-seong @TONESTUDIO SEOUL
Mastered by Kwon Nam-woo @821 Sound

Xydo Profile

Park Chi Woong or betterly known as Xydo is a solo vocalist who debuted in 2019. He is now signed with Ravi GROOVL1N label. His name ‘Xydo’ was inspired from the Korean translation of ‘try’. The pronunciation is similar to ‘Xydo’ so he named his name with it. He was an underground RnB artist in South Korea. Until now, he has two EPs and several singles.

Minseo Profile

Minseo first appear in Korean music scene as a contestant of Superstar K7. Signed with Mystic Entertainment, Minseo is mostly known for her rendition of Yoon Jongshin Like It. Minseo reach new height after replying Yoon Jongshin national breakup song from the girlfriend perspective. Those two songs were inseparable and been the favorite of South Korea citizen when they’re going to Karaoke.

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