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Xitsuh Southside | Seo Chulgoo Travel Diary

It’s been quite some time since Seo Chulgoo release music, it’s always been. Southside is the latest single of Xitsuh that worth the wait. Known for his freestyle rap as part of ADV crew and Show Me The Money. Xitsuh have been growing as a musician and now been releasing music that completely different from years ago.

Xitsuh Southside feat Layone Audio

I Leave with so many reasons that make me feel down
It’s neither runaway nor a trip
It’s a journey

Xitsuh single description

Xitsuh Southside Credits

Xitsuh Southside Cover

Lyrics: Xitsuh, Layone
Composer: Xitsuh, Clam, Kim Tae woong
Arranger: Clam

Guitar by Kim tae Woong
Drum by clam
Bass by clam
Synthesize by clam
Mixed by dr.ahn@ICONIC STUDIO
Mastered by PixelWave
Cover by Lim Juhyung

Xitsuh profile

Start his career way back as a freestyle rapper of ADV crew, Xitsuh start his music activities on 2014 when he release Nationwide Constituency mixtape. Known the most when he appear on SMTM 4 and become famous for giving the mic to young Yang Hongwon at the infamous Snoop Dogg Cypher incident that led to his elimination. Now Xitsuh not only a rapper but also a R&B artist that become the main genre of his latest album Spill.

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