Xinsayne 4 mntgs EP

XINSAYNE 4 MNTGS | First EP to Start Music Activities

Xinsayne 4 MNTGS is the first EP of the rapper that have been gaining attention since the first episode of Show Me The Money 10. Not only as Sokodomo friend, 1999 liner Xinsayne is ready to start a full fledged music activities with the release of the EP.

Xinsayne Cliche VIsualizer

MNTGS it’s actually an abbreviation of montages, 4 type of montages which explain each song that Xinsayne release through this EP that different from one another. Showing XInsayne wide range of musicality.

Xinsayne Klax Klax Visualizer

Xinsayne 4 MNTGS Credits

Xinsayne 4 mntgs cover
  1. Intro
  2. Cliche
  3. Klax Klax
  4. Alter Ego

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