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Woo WonJae Profile | Heartwarming Voice that Exudes Mysterious Vibes

Glimpse of Woo Wonjae Profile

Name: Woo Won-jae
Birthdate: December 23, 1996
Agency: AOMG
Debut: 2017
Instagram: @munchinthepool

If we’re about to have some discussion about Korean Hip Hop, we can’t miss out AOMG. Founded in 2013 by a multitalented singer and also a songwriter and rapper, Jay Park, AOMG labeled as one of the most famous and notable South Korean hip hop labels in the business. Having a name such as Simon Dominic, Loco, Gray, Ugly Duck, Elo, Woo Won Jae, Yugyeom and Punchnello, and also we can’t forget the heavenly lineup of their DJ and producer such as DJ Pumkin, DJ Wegun, Cha Cha Malone, GooseBumps and even Code Kunst on their rosters, makes AOMG rapidly known not only in South Korea, but also worldwide.

Not only the male rapper and singer, female soloists with soothing voices such as Hoody, sogumm, DeVita and Lee Hi also completed the dream team of AOMG itself. The diversity and the uniqueness of each member makes AOMG even more attractive, for instance, don’t forget Woo Won Jae with his low yet heartwarming voices with his amazing lyrics delivering ability. His appearance on Show Me the Money is kinda hard to forget, since he is one of the few rappers who stood out the most in the whole competition. Both his rap style along and his appearance exudes an unexpected charm from him.

Pre-debut Woo Wonjae Profile | Early Days

Woo Wonjae, is a South Korean rapper and singer signed under AOMG. He was born in Gyeongju, a coastal city in South Korea, on 23 December 1996. Both of his family and his parents lived there while Woo stayed in Seoul due to his musical career. Before his musical career, Woo appeared to be a student of Hongik University, majoring in Civil Engineering, and that also means Woo were from the same university as his labelmate, Loco who majored in Economics and Gray who majored in Computer Science.

Early days of Woo Wonjae profile, Wonjae is known for his iconic beanie that made him easily recognizable. He tends to wear his beanie low so the beanie would actually cover his whole forehead and even his brows. One day, Wonjae once stopped wearing beanie on a regular basis because of the image and vibes that he gave off by wearing his beanie low. He tends to care about what other people think about him, but he’s not bothered with that anymore after Jay Park encouraged him to just do what he likes in a 2020 Interview.

Woo Wonjae Profile | Show me the Money 6 Appearance

Before his official debut, Woo Wonjae profile is started when made an appearance on Show me the Money 6 as a contestant, and managed to reach the top 3 along with Hangzoo and Nucksal.

Woo roller coaster ride on the show started on the 1st preliminary round of the competition, where he was being judged by Tiger JK in front of hundreds of rappers in the room. Despite being asked to spit another bar after he finished his first, thankfully Woo managed to impress the judges and other contestants that put their eyes on him for the second time. In the interview, Tiger JK stated that Woo rap seems to have a story and deep meaning behind it, and it makes you focus on his rap easily.

The rest is history.

Santa is Coming Early

Woo Wonjae profile isn’t complete without this. It’s SMTM 6 team diss battle, where his sensational line was known and recognized by a lot of people. Woo and FeelGHood team is facing Dynamic Duo team on the diss battle, along with Asol, he had to face Nucksal from Vismajor Company and Joo Woochan, the youngest contestant that season. Facing a young contestant doesn’t hold him back from going all out, since Joo Woo-chan performed great throughout the show as well.

“Woochan, don’t worry, you can cry. Santa Claus is not real.”

Woo Wonjae stated in an interview that people started to like him after the famous Santa line. Even though he and Asol lost the battle, the famous Santa line will always be remembered.

Debut | We Are: Woo Sweet Debut

With the help of his fellow soon-to-be label mate, Gray and Loco, Woo made his official debut through We Are. Originally, We Are were prepared for the final round of Show me the Money 6. But then, the song was released under AOMG label instead because Woo didn’t make it to the final round, and We Are turns out to be his debut single. 

Even though he didn’t make it to the final, Woo was grateful, since We Are gives him a lot of things to learn from, because as we know, Woo was relatively new to the industry, this song helps him to adjust well. Woo performed We Are with his fellow mates Gray and Loco who were once in the same music club and university with him. Not long after the successful release of We Are, Woo signed with AOMG in 2017. A fresh start of Woo Wonjae Profile.

Woo Wonjae Profile | AOMG ARtist

After signing with AOMG, Woo Wonjae profile become widely known to the public, especially in the Korean hip hop scene. In his early days with AOMG, Woo released his first single with AOMG, titled Anxiety. He also appeared as a featured artist for other artists such as Jay Park, Swings, NO:EL, Code Kunst and others.

In 2018, Woo released his first extended plays titled af. The ep title track, a fence, mainly talks about his problem and his worries. A fence meant as a fence that obstructs Woo from getting out of his dark vibes and image. Woo stated that this album feels like it is his own diary, all his thoughts delivered perfectly through his music on this album.

Woo Wonjae Profile | As Music High Radio DJ

Aside from creating music, Woo once had his own radio show called Woo Wonjae Music High that aired on SBS Power FM. The show airs from 8 July 2019 until 31 August 2020. Woo stated that he learned a lot of things when he became a radio host back then. By reading people’s stories through the monitor screen, he realized that everyone is different from each other. Woo also stated that he began to talk to himself more after he became a radio host, he became a little bit talkative. Woo Wonjae profile just keep become better and better.

Woo Wonjae Profile | As AOMG SignHere judge

In 2019, Woo participated on his label survival show called SignHere as a judge. The show starred him along with his labelmate Gray, Simon Dominic, Code Kunst and the CEO, Jay Park. At the end of the show, sogumm came out as the winner.

Woo Wonjae Current Activity

Woo Wonjae profile continue. His latest solo release were back in 2020 with single Zip and album Black Out. He also officially use only Woo as his stage name. Beside music activities, Woo Wonjae also become a radio DJ at KBS Radio – Station Z alongside Loco. Have their own segment – Cue Points, Loco & Woo Wonjae will invite other rapper and talk about lots of things together. He also recently come as a guest at Meenoi Yorizyori YouTube program!

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Woo profile will keep being updated in the future.


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