Wonstein SMTM 9

Wonstein SMTM 9 Sentimental Rapper with a Killing Voice

Today, Wonstein is undeniably well-known in South Korea. Started as the rapper from Beautiful Noise, a music label founded by Mommy Son. His career arose after his appearance as the contestant of Show Me The Money 9. In one interview, he said that after the show ended, people recognized him in the street and asked for his signature. That’s how famous he is right now. In fact, he is not the winner. But why does he become famous? Let’s do some flashbacks to find out the reason!

Wonstein SMTM 9 Online Audition 

Life is a gift. Dreams come true! Wonstein was already viral from the beginning. His online audition, which was uploaded in instagram account, @jiwonstein, easily attracted everyone’s attention. No, he didn’t look aggressive at all. Wearing a striped shirt, wet curly hairs covered half of his face, and short pants. Sounds funny but no one can deny that he is unique. He was happily rapping on the rooftop while the day was drizzling. The drizzle sounds complement his clear melodic rap within his unique vocal tone. Until now, Wonstein SMTM 9 audition video has more than 200k views! Even the full song is already released with the title It’s Me. Have you watched it?

Wonstein First Preliminary Round: Producer Evaluation

In the first preliminary round, Zion.T was the one who evaluated Wonstein. The atmosphere of the evaluation process was actually dark since Zion.T was the picky type. He just eliminated one of his friends, Crucial Star, before Wonstein got the time to get evaluated. Took courage as the next rapper, Wonstein started his unique melodic rap style after the awful moment between Zion.T and Crucial Star

In the middle of Wonstein performance, Zion.T  started to smile remarkably, meaning that he is interested with Wonstein rap performance. Then, the next is obvious, Wonstein got the SMTM 9 necklace along with some compliments from Zion.T “I love it. It is great.” Then he explained, “The performance sounds like a song from a distance. He got hip hop elements in it. It’s just so much fun from the beginning to end of the performance. I think he has potential as the winner.” 

Got The Necklace, Got the ALL PASS

Do you remember the fire pit in Show Me The Money 777 and 8? Yes. Next mission for Wonstein SMTM 9 is the legendary 60 seconds performance. Before he performed, they unveiled the fact that Wonstein was eliminated by three people in three previous seasons: Paloalto in SMTM 4, Code Kunst in SMTM 777 and Swings in SMTM 8. He explained that it was fine for him, so for this season he wanted to take the competition fair and seriously.

He titled his song Fire Pit JAM. The song is about how he felt like he was in his own world whenever he made music, no matter if it was singing or rapping. It was shown from his verse, “This is just how I play. Followed by, lock of the door no one can enter. My room is arena hall.” The performance showed his unique style of rapping with melodies and ‘tickling’ others who think he was not really rapping. Like what Zion.T said, he got the hip hop elements even if it looks like he is singing. He successfully got ‘all pass’ in this mission. Claiming back his necklace and continuing to the next mission. 

Cool Wonstein SMTM 9 Leader Selection Cypher

In this mission, Wonstein chose the Zion.T x Giriboy team. He performed last in the mission. The remaining beat was trap-beat, which is not his style but his mindset went “Let’s just give it a try.” It eventually became a cool and praise-worthy performance. He got a lot of praise. From the first, his hook “I wonder” is so catchy and the verse he performed was complimented as a smart and sticky fighting verse. Even one of the contestants commented, “Actually, I am your fan.” By those never-ending praises, even though he was not aiming for the leader position, Zion.T and Giriboy chose him as the last leader for the team. Note: Wonstein SMTM 9 performance in: 8.40

Boom Bap Wonstein Winning Triple Team Battle

Team up with Lil Boi and Chillin Homie, team Wonstein worked smoothly from the beginning. The decision to team up together was genius: they had the same type of verse left, the verse for Boom Bap beat. That’s why everything ran smoothly. There were no difficulties in the Wonstein team from choosing the beat, the order of performance, even the hook was made by Wonstein in only 5 minutes! As expected, Wonstein SMTM 9 team won the battle which means they survive together for the next mission. You’re such a geek. Guess I’m a geek~ 

Wonstein SMTM 9 Crew Song Battle: Guess I’m a Freak!

The show goes on with the next mission, Song Battle. If the previous season song battle is the battle between two different producer teams, this time, the battle is inside the producer team. They must fight over the same beat against different crews. Wonstein SMTM 9 team that include Lil Boi of Geeks and Chillin Homie as the previous battle winner worked together again as Wonstein crew against another Zion.T and Giriboy members crew, Cho Soonyoung/Sychocrew. with the song Freak. The song also top South Korea music charts when it released!

Wonstein vs Layone Diss Battle

Wonstein meet Layone in Diss Battle. Instead of it being a intense Diss Battle like previous season, this diss battle is more on the silly and goofy side. Both of contestant having so much fun diss each other. Proving that diss battle in Show Me The Money doesn’t mean that the person actually hate someone.

The Beginning of Super Star Wonstein: Infrared Camera

Look at your jeans, hot stuff. Your soft knee socks~ The quarter final mission for Wonstein was a stage mission. He headed up against Mushvenom, the rapper from GJus team who has completely different styles with him. Both chose to perform alone, pitting them against each other purely by their own musical sense without any other intervention factor. Infrared Camera become a hit song overnight, loved by fans and arguably become Wonstein SMTM 9 most popular song.

Wonstein SMTM 9 in Semi Final: Last Performance

Along with YDG and Zion.T, Wonstein wanted to do his music for this round. Performing a song entitled No Bad Dogs, he delivered the story of his journey from Naesu, Cheongju till where he was right at that moment. The song is full of unique musical taste. 

Wonstein SMTM 9 semi fina is an all-out from story-telling rap to his melodic one complemented with YDG witty rap verse head to Zion.T unique vocals.  Even though he failed to cut through final round, Wonstein become one of unforgettable sentimental rapper of this season. This is a new sentimental rap performance in Show Me The Money.

The Happening Superstar, Wonstein

Wonstein SMTM 9 journey is already a great one, but it’s not the end it’s jsut a start. Now, Korean people are in love with Wonstein. He recently released the single When Night is Falling which charted pretty well in the domestic chart. More evidence of his fame is, he featured in not only rappers’ songs, but Kpop artists’ songs such as Kang Seungyoon of Winner and D.O. of EXO (soon). 

He also appeared as the maknae of MSG Wannabe along with Simon Dominic, showing his raspy unique vocal which is, again, loved by netizens and charted well. Even though he was not the winner of SMTM 9, he won the hearts of Korean netizens by his sentimental musical taste and raspy unique voice. 

Wonstein SMTM 9 Journey is one of the most memorable SMTM stint we saw from a contestant. He maybe not won the program but Wonstein already won our heart


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