Wonstein 10 Minutes

Wonstein 10 Minutes | Remake of Lee Hyori Hit Track

Cyworld BGM 2021 Project continue with Wonstein remake Lee Hyori hit track 10 minutes into 2021 version. A This is not the first time that Wonstein remake hit track from the past. The track When Night is Falling by Punch were also remade by Wonstein and were well received by the public.

Wonstein 10 Minutes

Different than original song by Lee Hyori, this version feature element of EDM and were made to be refreshing and cheerful song for everyone that listen. Wonstein keep showing his versatility by not only singing/rapping but his adaptibility with any type of beat/music that were thrown at him..

The original 10 minutes by Lee Hyori were a hit track when it released. As part of Stylish album (2003) that start to differentiate Lee Hyori from her image as FIN.K member. Maybe we need a collaboration and mashup version of Lee Hyori x Wonstein of this song?

Lee Hyori 10 Minutes

Wonstein 10 minutes Credit

Wonstein 10 Minutes

Executive Director Jason Kim, Sam Son
Project Producer Dorothy Park
Artist Wonstein

Lyrics by Mayby
Composed by Kim
Dohyun Arranged by COUP D’ETAT, JUNIK, Wonstein

Recording directed by Wonstein

Chorus Wonstein
Drums Yunmyeong Kim
Bass Yunmyeong Kim
Synth Yunmyeong Kim
Guitars Minki Lim

Mixed by COUP D’ETAT at HANNAMGANG studio
Mastered by Namwoo Kwon at 821Sound

Wonstein Profile

Wonstein start to get airtime and recognition when he appear on SMTM 9. Showing not only his rap skill but also his vocal skill that led him to appear on MBC program How do you Play. Now Wonstein is a multitalent artist that not only excel in music but also in variety skills and been appearing on tv program once every now and then.

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