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Wetboy When I Call You | So Nervous

Wetboy release a new single! Isn’t he a dancer? Yes he is! But he’s also a singer and musician that have been active this year. Wetboy When I Call You is the 4th single that Wetboy release this year. Each of the song is a gloomy love song just like how his tiktok video concept, trying to show his love to his loved one whom yet to open their door to Wetboy.

Wetboy When I Call You Music Video

For the first time, Wetboy also release a music video for the song. The song is produced by his dear friend Pateko and Kid Wine. Wetboy also leave a letter for the one he made the song for.

Wetboy letter:

I still so nervous every time I call her.
Is it because I’m not confident?
Is it because too excited?
Maybe it’s both…
When you call someone you love,
I hope everyone still feels those butterfly in your stomach for a long time
Love… It’s hard.

From: Wetboy

Wetboy When I Call You credits:

Wetboy WHen I call You

Lyricist: WETBOY
Composer: WETBOY, PATEKO, Kid Wine
Arrangement PATEKO, Kid Wine
Mix Han Dong-wan @allday4real
Mastering Han Dong-wan @allday4real
Piano, String PATEKO
Drums, Bass, Synth Kid Wine
Jacket Ji Hoon Kang @baechu.me

Wetboy Profile

Yang Jinbeom or Wetboy is a dancer, content creator and R&B singer that been rising since last year. He’s been collaborating with artist such as Kang Daniel, RAIN, DJ Soda, Wheein of Mamamoo and many more. The concept of Wetboy is he always dancing drenched in rain while trying to make the girl of his life open her house door form him. TMI: Wetboy is a close friend of TOIL and their interaction on Instagram is so fun to follow!

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