Wavycake Baggage

Wavycake Baggage | 2nd Full Album from the Producer

Producer Wavycake release 2nd full album titled Baggage. This album is Wavycake 2nd full album after the release of A boy in Love album last year, 2020. Wavycake music is perfect for everyone who feeling tired and lonely at night, a comfort song after a long day. Here’s the new album that exactly represent everyone who feeling tired and have a burden weighing down their hearts.

Wavycake Deep feat B Jyun Music Video

There’s two title track for this album. First one is Deep that feature B Jyun and the second one Refuel that feature Khundi Panda & Jung JInwoo. The message that Wavycake want to convey through this album is about the heavy feeling, albeit it responsibility, expectation, burden, or anything that weighs our heart. Hence why each song title of the album is expressing the emotion of ‘baggage‘.

Wavycake Refuel feat Jung Jinwoo & Khundi Panda Music Video

Wavycake Baggage tracklist

Wavycake Baggage cover
  1. Desire
  2. Cloud feat Clavita & Donutman
  3. Selfish People feat PLHN & nNtell
  4. Elevar feat Jason lee
  5. Annual Ring feat O’domar
  6. The Weight of Life is too Heavy
  7. Footprint feat RIPLEY & Deepshower
  8. Painful Baggage feat Sonny Zero, Minshik, Baylee, & SWRY
  9. Refuel feat Jung Jinwoo & Khundi Panda
  10. Dice feat ABOUT
  11. Way feat Hartts & ovus
  12. Flow feat iHwak

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