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VVS SMTM 9 was produced by GroovyRoom for the Song Battle round in SMTM9. The song featured JUSTHIS and was battled between MUSHVENOM and Miranni team and Khundi Panda, Munchman, Kidd King team.

Since the winner was MUSHVENOM and Miranni team, so they didn’t have to face the elimination. In the other hand, Khundi Panda, Munchman and Kidd King have to face the elimination and it made Kidd King eliminated. So Kidd King wasn’t in the official song release.

GroovyRoom mentioned in Jessi’s Showterview that this is their favorite song they produced. JUSTHIS who sang the hook sounds very good at making this song lively. And all the rappers who added their verse in the song make it more fun and special.

VVS SMTM 9 performance

In the song, MUSHVENOM, Miranni, JUSTHIS, Khundi Panda and Munchman tell about a success story. How their journey before SMTM9, and how they finally achieved their success.

What you got is money pouring in along with hate comments, JUSTHIS mentioned that money pouring along with hate comments. This may mean that success is coming with hatred. When you succeed in life, there must be people who don’t like you. But still should feel blessed with all of it

VVS SMTM 9 Lyrics 

Gotta show em To the people who said I will fail
And you, who always said I’d make it, I’ll do my best

The song is about the ability to show yourself that you can succeed. Show your success to the people that said you will fail, and make people who put faith in you proud.

VVS originally means very very slightly, this is a term to explain diamonds. VVS is one of the four specifications that determine the quality of a diamond. So, VVS in this song symbolizes a life where they finally achieved a shining achievement.

VVS SMTM 9 Achievement


The song gained so much attention from South Korea and worldwide. Up until now, VVS already reached 4 million streams on Spotify. This hasn’t been a year since it was released.

VVS SMTM 9 got their first Perfect All-Kill in Korean music charts on November 25th. and on November 29th, VVS got Perfect All Kill on music charts such as Flo, MelOn, Vibe, Genie and Bugs. VVS also placed third in Billboard K-Pop 100 in 2020.

Even after a week since it was released, VVS has reached a million streams on YouTube. VVS has the biggest streams among all the songs in Song Battle round in SMTM9.

The other songs in the Song Battle round in SMTM9 were Freak from Giriboy and Zion.T team, Win Win from BewhY and Dynamic Duo team, and Want It from Code Kunst and Paloalto team. Check them out! All songs are very good, you won’t regret it!

VVS SMTM 9 By Mushvenom & Miranni

Mirani Verse

Miranni VVS SMTM 9 Verse mentioned about her mom who sells liquor, and said that she lived until now because of her mom’s business. She wants to be a successful rapper and wants her mom to stop the business. Everyone shocked by me ‘Miranni is on TV’, since she appeared in SMTM9, people who came to her mom’s store started talking about Miranni that appeared on TV.


Success is never possible without suffering, this is what MUSHVENOM thought about success. His verse is mostly about his journey and what he did before finally being a rapper. MUSHVENOM also mentioned his grandmother in his verse. Back in SMTM9, he mentioned that his grandmother passed away before he could tell her that he succeeded, that is why he was sorry.

SMTM 9 Team Munchman Khundi panda and Kidd King

Munchman Verse

Keep my head up, Keep your head up, Munchman verse is about the spirit he has to receive a successful life. MBA 11 of us We party everyday We shine when we’re together, he mentioned his crew, MBA, who is always with him through his journey. He said they will achieve success together.

Khundi Panda Verse

Khundi Panda VVS SMTM 9 verse shows that he is living a good life. Said he already succeeded in his life, having a busy life. Can’t go back cuz I see to far ahead, he described his unregrettable journey. I’m probably worth 10,000,000 won an hour, by this lyrics he described his worth.

H1GHR Music Remix

Since GroovyRoom signed with H1GHR Music, they released a remix song with H1GHR Music artists featuring BIG Naughty, Jay Park, Kidd King, pH-1, TRADE L, and Woodie Gochild. You can listen to the song on your favorite streaming platform. But they also released an official audio on YouTube. Check this one out.

The remix also included Kidd King, who was eliminated before and didn’t included in the official song, to join H1GHR Music for the remix. What a great label! So if you want to hear Kidd King’s verse on a streaming platform, you can check H1GHR Music’s remix.

VVS SMTM 9 is a song about winning, and they seriously received it. After SMTM9, people’s love for the song has not ended. All hard work paid off, this song can motivate you to achieve your goals.

The song is perfect to listen to while working. If you are looking for songs that can cheer you, this might be a perfect match! The bright and positive energy this song gave could help you to boost your energy. With many artists in the song, who’s verse do you like the best in VVS SMTM 9? Tell us below

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