Viceversa Mclaren

Viceversa Mclaren | tsitrasreveciv Single Album

One of the rapper that appear like a storm last year. Viceversa didn’t win Show Me The Money but gain immense popularity through his unique style of rap and music. Full of Energy, Mclaren is one of the track that he perform after the show ended on multiple occasion. Now it’s officially release,

Viceversa Mclaren Audio

For this single album, Viceversa is creative by reversing his instagram username @viceversartist to @tsitrasreveciv staying true to his stage name, Viceversa.

Viceversa @tsitrasreveciv credits

Viceversa Mclaren Cover

Lyrics by viceversa
Composed by viceversa, Ian Ka$h, Milli One
Mixed by ShahgooN
Mastered by Kwon Namwoo @ 821 Sound Mastering

Executive Producer: Changstarr*
Art Direction: Casual Meetings

Viceversa Profile

Mclaren is just one of many Viceversa song about cars. He’s also have the track Mercedes Benz (G-Wagon) and Ferrari that become a viral sensation. Start to get recognition after appearing on 27ring Genkidama Remix, Viceversa keep getting more and more recognition after his performance on SMTM 9 and capitalizing on it even after he’s eliminated.

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