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Unofficialboyy Ackermann | Core Values of Lee Sureen

Lee Sureen already have a really lengthy career despite his young age. 2021 mark the 4th year of his career and he released Ackermann as his 3rd full album. With 11 songs inside, this album were filled with core values of Lee Sureen and were inspired by anime character that he like, Ackermann.

Unofficialboyy ackermann DF LIVE

There’s 4 core value that Lee Surin try to express through this album

1. “To make people who loves me happy”
2. “To pay back your love”.
3. “To make you feel how I feel”.
4. “To live a honest life”

Unofficialboyy Ackermann Album tracklist

Unofficialboyy Ackermann Credits
  1. Intro
  2. Flow
  3. Rewind
  4. Ackermann
  5. Chillin’
  6. Omega feat Gamma
  7. Legacy feat Gamma & Swervy
  8. What i Can Do
  9. D&A feat RANCHIA, Gamma, and Yang Hongwon
  10. Friday feat Gamma
  11. Weeknd

Unofficialboyy Profile

Unofficialboyy born in Gyeonggi-do 13th of April 1998. Already put his mark in Korean hip hop scene at the age of 17 years old, as a winner of SRS 2015 freestyle battle. Used to have multiple stage name such as Baddie Homie and Luda, Unoicialboyy now participate on SMTM season 10, recently have a great performance with Koonta in the 3rd round.

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