Touch THe Sky Wanju 2 Seoul

Touch The Sky Wanju 2 Seoul | Debut Album of Lee Sangjae

Used to known as Lil Nekh, Touch The Sky release his first album Wanju 2 Seoul. Lee Sangjae use a new stage name Touch the Sky. He’s also announced as a new member of Daytona Music alongside best friend H3hyeon / Hwang Sehyeon, a new generation of rapper that ready to break into the music scene.

Touch The Sky Greenlight 2 feat Hwang Sehyeon Live Video

Touch The Sky Wanju 2 Seoul album Credit

Touch THe SKy Wanju 2 Seoul album cover
  1. Wanju
  2. Walk in My Shoes feat H3hyeon
  3. Courage feat Skinny Brown & Rakon
  4. Greenlight 2 feat H3hyeon
  5. Tititi
  6. Cheongdamdong feat Yumdda & H3hyeon
  7. Hit my Line feat Jaeha
  8. Touch the Sky feat RB Nine
  9. Dari
  10. Everything
  11. Taxi feat Gyun & RB Nine

Touch The Sky Profile

Lee sangjae start to get recognition on HSR 4 with his skill to change his voice into ‘autotune’ at will, the Wanju based rapper album is a story about him struggling to live in Seoul and make a career as musician. Now he’s a part of Daytona Entertainment, a first step to reach bigger dreams.

Touch The Sky Wanju 2 Seoul album on Spotify and Apple Music

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