Toil Yumdda Team Member

TOIL Yumdda Team Member SMTM 10 | Go To The Moon with Tonawayum

Doge to the moon! Not only the crypto currency, Yumdda also plan to bring his team member to the moon through SMTM 10. Toil Yumdda Team Member include Hwang Jisang/H-Venom, Basick, Song Minyeong, Koonta, and 365LIT. They gonna have beats from trendy producer TOIL going forward and featuring from any Daytona Music (and people close to Yumdda).

Toil Yumdda team Member | H-venom

Name: Hwang Jisang
Date of Birth: 2004
Agency: Independent
Instagram: @hvenom_purple_official

The purple loving rapper H-Venom is one of the surprise this season. Many criticize this season of SMTM 10 will be dominated by returnee such as Basick & San E but the young rapper with witty lyrics keep getting more airtime as the show progress.

Toil Yumdda Team Member | Song Minyeong

Name: Song Minyeong
Date of Birth: 21 January 2009
Agency: Independent
Instagram: @minyoung0121

Youngest contestant of Show Me The Money 10. 12 years old Song Minyeong is still an elementary school student. To put into persepctive, he can’t even join High School Rapper until the 2 or 3 years from now (HSR 6/7). Still got a long years ahead of him, Song Minyeong already awe everyone with his energy since the first episode, including Yumdda who pick him over more seasoned veteran rapper that pick his team on SMTM 10.

Toil Yumdda Team Member | Basick

Name: Lee Cheol-joo
Date of Birth: August 12, 1986
Debut: 2008
SpotifyApple Music:

Already have a lengthy career even before he became a winner of SMTM 4. Basick was part of legenday Jiggy Fellaz crew and currently the CEO of OUTLIVE. Basick career is not all bed and roses though, he once take a hiatus after marriage and working as an salarman to make the meets end of his family. Despite winning SMTM 4, Basick career also didn’t rejuvenated like most of SMTM winner, Instead he’s still struggle as a musician before ended up making OUTLIVE which include Layone as the artst.

Basick also have his own YouTube channel Basick TV where he invite other rapper and make hip hop content.

Toil Yumdda Team Member | 365LIT

Name: Kim Minseong
Date of Birth: 9 April 1998
Crew; UnderSeongsuBridge (USB)
Agency: Independent
Instagram : @365lit
Spotify; Apple Music; Soundcloud

Start his career in 2019, 365LIT have been rising in the Korean Hip Hop scene alongside his crew UnderSeongsuBridge (USB). Not only a rapper, 365LIT is also a producer, composer, arranger, and sound engineer, he make his own music from it begin until the finishing touch. He appear on last year SMTM 9 and impress the producer yet he only goes as far as team cypher round.

He also have older brother name JUPITER that also found the crew UnderSeongsuBridge together.

TOIL Yumdda Team Member | Koonta

Name: Ahn Taehyun
Date of Birth: 30 December 1982
Agency; Sajah Records
Instagram: @koonta1234
Spotify : Apple Music

Not exactly a hip-hop rapper. Koonta is known as the trifecta of South Korea Reggae scene alongside Haha & Skull, he’s also a vocalist of reggae band Rude Paper. Already debut since 2006, Koonta is one of the most respected musician in the industry, he even appointed as a professor of applied music on Korean Academy of Arts.

Not only as musician. Koonta also have a history as a tv personality. Become a VJ of MTV program alongside Yumdda and Heyne. Koonta also appear on several tv program and web program.

Which one is your favorite team member of Tonawayum? Who do you think will go furthest on SMTM 10? 

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