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TOIL Profile | Emerging Producer Under Daytona Entertainment

Toil Profile

Name : Ahn Toil
Birthdate : December 04, 1994
Agency : Daytona Entertainment
Debut : 2020
Instagram : @toil1204

Evoking public interest with his outstanding works, TOIL geared up to enlarge his fame under the floodlight he got. Ahn Toil is a lucrative producer under Daytona Entertainment, a hip-hop label established by The Quiett and Yumdda. Been actively pursuing his music career since 2018, TOIL allured the public by his all-the-rage type of music. TOIL profile started when he’s officially debuted on October 26, 2020 with the single Go featuring Leellamarz, Skinny Brown, and Jayci Yucca. Before joining Daytona,

Wayside Town

Wayside Town

TOIL is a part of the WAYSIDE TOWN (WYSD) crew which was founded by Leellamarz, Skinny Brown, and Urban Fisher. The other members of WYSD are Hash Swan, Keem Hyoeun, Jayci Yucca, Panda Gomm and many more. Jayci Yucca is really close with TOIL, they went to the same university and their friendship has lasted more than a decade. 

TOIL Signed To Daytona Entertainment

On March 31, 2021 Daytona Entertainment announced that TOIL is officially signed with them. Still on the same day when he got proclaimed to be joining his new label, Daytona posted a teaser video of TOIL’first album that will be released on April 4. The album came out with “Curtain Call” as the title, consisting of 9 tracks with various prominent rappers for the featurings.

TOIL profile isn’t complete without one of the songs from his album, Forever You, has been made into a megaremix version featuring Yumdda, Mushvenom, Uneducated Kid, CHANGMO, NORTHFACEGAWD, and Don Mills. TOIL collaborated with Dingo to release a live performance video of Forever You which also starred WETBOY, best friend of TOIL.


Been riding a wave of his broadening fame, TOIL has shown his coveted skill as a producer in the music industry. TOIL is an assiduous artist indeed. In 2020, he produced around 65 tracks by himself. TOIL is a possessor for lots of megahit songs, a producer behind ASH ISLAND – Melody, Leellamarz – Trip, CHANGMO, Hash Swan, Leellamarz, Keem Hyoeun, and ASH ISLAND – AMBITION, ASH ISLAND – Paranoid and a lot more songs.

TOIL Profile: Joint Albums

TOYSTORY with Leellamarz

Besides releasing his own album, TOIL laboriously works on joint albums since 2018. His first joint album was “TOYSTORY” with Leellamarz on September 21, 2018. “TOYSTORY” comprises 7 tracks in total which all the songs composed by TOIL and mastered by The Quiett. TOIL and Leellamarz worked on the joint album only within a week, bringing their WYSD crew members to help in making the tracks.

Subsequent to his first joint album, TOIL and Leellamarz dropped “TOYSTORY2” with 10 tracks on April 21, 2020. Both of them have successfully converged the acclaimed rappers in Korean hip-hop scene such as Paloalto, lIlBOI, Sik-k, MUSHVENOM, TakeOne, and ZENE THE ZILLA.

The reason why they named the album as “TOYSTORY” was because they thought if children play with toys and musicians work with music, they wanted to outlook music as a toy instead of perceiving it as a job so that they can find more joys while doing it.

Tokkinny Brown

On November 25, 2019 TOIL returned with the second joint album “Tokkinny Brown”. This time TOIL collaborated with one of his best friends, Skinny Brown. The album title is also made by combining both of their names. “Tokkinny Brown” included 5 tracks featured with well-named rappers from Ambition Musik which are CHANGMO, Leellamarz, Keem Hyoeun, ASH ISLAND, and Hash Swan. There’s also a second version of this titled Tokkiny Brown 1.5

Tocca Brown

In less than 6 months, TOIL profile continue by released another joint album in which he worked together with his best friends, Jayci Yucca and Skinny Brown. “Tocca Brown : Highteen Rockstar” is a 6 track mini-album released on September 19, 2020. Tocca Brown itself came out as the result of them fusing their names. Fun fact, the album cover was inspired by GTA 5 game (Grand Theft Auto).

Toil Profile Continue: Producer Of Show Me The Money Season 10

TOIL Profile

On August 1, 2021 TOIL and Yumdda were proclaimed by Mnet on their social media as one of the producers line up for the 10th season of Show Me The Money. Although at first he was the least expected for joining the show, the public seems to be enraptured by the news that TOIL will be working with SMTM as representative Daytona Entertainment alongside Yumdda. A lot of Show Me The Money enthusiasts zealously uplift their anticipation towards the genius beat maker TOIL in his first performance as a producer on a survival show.

Toil profile will keep being updated in future! Go listen to TOIL’s album and his other releases if you haven’t! He makes plenty of bangers with zero disappointment!


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