THAMA Dont Die Colors

THAMA Dont Die Colors | 1st Full Album

R&B vocalist full of soul. Thama Dont die colors is his first full album. It’s been 4 years since THAMA officially debut, in total there 36 song release, 22 participate as featuring artist and many more as a songwriter & producer. THAMA album have been a long awaited not only by his fans but also KR&B and KHH listener. With 12 track inside and various amount of music of THAMA, Dont Die colors is a complete album.

THAMA Blessed feat G Soul

The relationship in Our Life is our Source of Life. That’s the tory of THAMA title track Blessed that feature GSoul. Produced by HAAN, the song also have distinctive guitar sound that were play by guitarist AMPOFF.

Not only a R&B song, THAMA also made a special homage to the artist he’s been listening to since middle schoo, Verbal Jint. In the 1st track of the EP THAMA release the track I’m chill that feature his childhood hero Verbal Jint

THAMA Chill feat Verbal Jint

THAMA Dont Die Colors Tracklist

  1. I’m Chill feat Verbal Jint
  2. MAPO
  3. Wait, Hold On
  4. Midnight Skit
  5. Blessed feat G Soul
  6. Dream Potratis
  7. Kobenhavn feat Kim Oki
  8. Real Thing feat Dynamic Duo
  9. Keep Walking
  10. Vanilla SKy feat SunwoojungA
  11. So Long feat I’ll
  12. Moments

Physical Album

THAMA Profile

THAMA start to be interested to music when he’s just 20 years old, uploading his song cover to YouTube but with his own arrangement. After finish his military service, THAMA were scouted by DEVINE Channel alongside SOLE. Last year, THAMA and SOLE join Amoeba Culture as their new generation of artist.

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