Sweet Sorrow Pateko Please DOn't Go

Sweet Sorrow Pateko Please Don’t Go | Ballad Singer with Producer Harmony

Please Don’t go. Vocal group trio Sweet Sorrow collaborate with producer Pateko, a rising producer behind the multiple hit track such as Ohayo My Night and Rainy Days. Now they make a ballad song together, A modern ballad song that sweet yet sorrowful at the same time.

Sweet Sorrow Pateko Please Don’t Go Music Video

Sweet Sorrow’s feel of autumn met with the best producer PATEKO.

I should’ve done better.

I should’ve loved you more.

I should’ve said sorry.

I should’ve said please don’t go

Sweet Sorrow x PATEKO single description

Sweet Sorrow Pateko Please don’t go Credits

Sweet Sorrow Pateko Please DOn't Go Cover

Executive Producer gimseonghyeon SWEET Sorrow &
Producer PATEKO
Lyrics by inhojin songwoojin gimyoungwoo
Composed by gimyoungwoo
Arranged by PATEKO
Vocal Arranged by SWEET Sorrow
Vocal Directed by Kid Wine
Keyboard Lee, Myeong – Ho joseungyeon
Guitar jeonghonggyo
Strings imwoobin
Recorded by STUDIO SWEET Sorrow Sorrow @SWEET
Mixed by Stay, Tuned @Stay Tuned Studio
Mastered by Namwoo Kwon @821sound

Artwork by 2D (2D) @two__di
Music Video by filmiq
Director Jihoon Choi
DOP Hoyeon Song
Location Jungsu Kim @dadamstudio.cs
Stylist Hyunsook Song
Hair & Make up Jungsaemmul Inspiration

Sweet Sorrow Profile

Each member meet at Yonsei University Chorus club back in 2002. Since then Sweet Sorrow been embracing a sweet sound yet with sorrowful lyrics just like William Shakespeare play, Romeo & Juliet. Sweet Sorrow is one of the vocal group that still active and pass the test of time. Even though vocal group become scarce nowadays, they keep refreshing their music style into modern days and rightfully keep their place in the industry.

Pateko Profile

Pateko is a rising producer that keep producing hit track one after another. Not just buying a new Porsche, Pateko also keep showing he capale of producing any type of music. From R&B songs such as Rainy days, ballad songs with Kid WIne, hip hop songs with Do Hanse, and even rock songs with Bigone.

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