Superbee Fake Rappers killer

Superbee Fake Rappers Killer | Yng and Rich CEO

CEO of Yng and RIch Records Superbee release a new single Fake Rappers Killer. Despite having 4 track, Superbee release it as a maxi single because he said Something bigger is coming. Superbee new album? Yng and Rich compilation album? We still need to wait until further announcement from the originalgimchi.


Superbee Fake Rappers Killer tracklist

  1. Real Hard feat Louie of Homies
  2. Fake Rappers Killer feat Northfacegawd
  3. Winning Mind feat Chin and Lil Gimchi
  4. Bands Bigger feat Uneducated Kid, Royal 44 and YLN Foreign

Superbee Profile

Hello, 119? Is there an ambulance nearby? Because Superbee is ready to diss someone. Known for his multiple stint on Show Me The Money, Superbee finally settle down and create Yng and Rich Records, A home for Homies, Uneducaed Kid and Royal 44.

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