Summer Soul November

Summer Soul November Album | WIll it Snow This Month?

Summer Soul release a new album this month, November. Have the same title as the month it released, the album is Summer Soul first album on her career. She ask a question, will it snow this month? November is precarious month where people is busy to finish their year end activities, a fierce atmosphere in the community before the calm winter arrive when worktime cut shorts and everyone settle down a bit.

Summer Soul White Lies feat Kvsh

Summer Soul When the Night Comes feat Junggigo

Summer Soul November Track list

  1. Merry! Merry! feat Hiko
  2. Pit-A-Pat feat Knave
  3. White Lies feat Kvsh
  4. When the Night Comes feat Junggigo
  5. SKOPE Interlude
  6. Missing Words
  7. VEIN feat TAEK
  8. Outro

Summer Soul Profile

Officially debut in 2018, Summer Soul have been building her career since back on 2015 by posting music on soundcloud and doing song covers. You can get to know more about Summer Soul by subscribing to her Youtube channel where she share her daily life and creative process behind her songs. TMI: track above is titled Tinder feat Justhis

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