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Producer SOMDEF have been known to release music that hit close to home. Somdef Nature is an EP that were a result of the time SOMDEF have spent alone, he spent his time to close with nature and it’s been a self reflection journey for the producer who have been releasing great music one after another.

Somdef It was Love featuring G Soul

In the EP description, SOMEF describe that nature have two meaning: 자연 and 본성

자연 means mother nature, everything that exist in the universe.

본성 means human nature, someone characteristic that define someone from others.

SOMDEF Nature EP tracklist

Somdef Nature ALbum cover
  1. Picturesque 1
  2. It was feat G Soul
  3. Sometimes feat G Soul
  4. Pictureqesque 2 feat Cadejo

SOMDEF Profile

Starting as an audio engineer, SOMDEF were quickly rise as one of the most anticipated producer in Korean hip hop & R&B scene. One of the SOMDEF biggest strength were that always a story to be told in his EP and the featuring artist that participate always suit the song that most people probably gonna make mistake that the song were actually the singer/rapper songs. Beside release his own music, SOMDEF produce music for other artist such as Mad Clown, Mommy Son, and Sokodomo.

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