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Sole Stay With Me Featuring Wonstein | The Encounter Of Two Phenomenon Artists

Sole is coming back with another digital single after releasing Why (featuring Gaeko) last month. Ceaselessly revealing her superb aptitude, now it’s Wonstein turn to accompany Sole disclosing her charm with a single SOLE Stay With Me.

Sole proclaimed her latest single, Stay With Me, bringing Wonstein to be featured with her this time. The project was apprised by Sole on July 22, 2021 through a poster which was posted on her personal Instagram account. Her sudden announcement immediately caught the public’s attentiveness. Four days afterwards Sole uploaded another poster on her Instagram page and stated that the song will be having a rising star rapper, Wonstein, as the featuring. Also on the MV, a South Korean model from ETC Management, Jazzy will make an appearance along with Sole herself.

Surely the public raise aloft their expectations by hearing that Sole and Wonstein are going to collaborate on a song, much less both of them are already known for their polished performance. Attaining the fans’ presumption, it stands to reason that Stay With Me came out as a whole masterpiece.

Official Music Video Of SOLE Stay With Me

The combination of Sole honeyed voice with Wonstein mellifluous vocal created a splendid synergy between them. Stay With Me is a commendable song on its own. Came out as a beauteous ballad song, Stay With Me apprise the story about a couple who were hooked and dependent on each other. The lyrics which were written by Sole and Wonstein thoroughly convey the emotion in-depth linked to the story told in SOLE Stay With Me MV. The music video itself is bewitching to watch. Went visually pleasing, Stay With Me official MV presents a hazy vibes in nature scenery. 

SOLE Stay With Me Credits

SOLE Stay With me

Composed by SOLE, Wonstein, SOQI, Jeon Seonghyun
Lyrics by SOLE, Wonstein
Arranged by SOQI, Im Soo Won

Computer Programming, Drum, Synth, Piano by SOQI
Bass by Snozern
Guitar by Jeon Seonghyun
Chorus by SOLE
Strings Arranged by Im So Woon
Strings Performed by 위드스트링

Recorded by SOLE at SOLE’s ROOM, Wonstein at Beautiful Noise
Mixed by Manny Park at Sig Recording’s
Mastered by Kwon Nam woo at 821 Sound Mastering

SOLE Profile

Sole is one of the artists under Amoeba Culture, a label established by Dynamic Duo and Go Kyungmin. Before joining her current label, Sole debuted on Devine Channel and Sony Music on November 3, 2017 with a single titled Ride featuring Thama which later on became her labelmate. She successfully rocked her debut and made the public acknowledge her laudable talent. Not only possessing one skill, Sole is a versatile artist who does singing, songwriting, and producing songs.

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