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Sohlhee When You Love Someone | You’re The Only One Matters

Sohlhee of All I Know Music release her first mini album When You Love Someone. A story about love from different perspective. Debut in 2019 with the single Purple featuring Taeil of NCT. Sohlhee able to sing and rap effortlessly, including in this EP where Sohlhee show different style of music while trying to share her perspective about the topic through different song title.

Sohlhee Freakin Flower Music Video

Freakin Flower is a medium-tempo hip-hop genre song with a strong bass line, dreamy piano accompaniment that leads the whole song. The keyword of the song is daffodils which is Solhee’s birth flower (January 13th), and it is a song made with the theme of Greek and Roman mythology related to daffodils. 

Echo, a fairy who has a crush on Narcissus is a story Ovid’s Metamorphoses and Sohlhee were trying to capture the conflict of Echo that hate Narcissus but passionately loving him at the same time. 

Sohlhee When You love Someone tracklist

Sohlhee when you Love someone cover
  1. once, twice
  2. freakin’ flower
  3. oui oui (Feat. OLNL)
  4. Don’t put me aside

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