Sogumm Precious

Sogumm Precious | Unique Album with Unique Concept

3rd full album of Sogumm Precious is released on October 22th 2021. Prescription and Complex are chosen as the title track of the album. The album Precious contains the process of challenging new genres through endless contemplation to create the true color of Sogumm. This album has a diversity of colors Sogumm always wants to have.

Sogumm Prescription Music Video

The music video for Prescription was posted on AOMG YouTube Channel on the release date. The music video portrays the life of a family in their house. The family has many members and this music video portrays how they do different things in the house. Sogumm appeared in a different world as an angel. Sogumm friends from Balming Tiger also appeared in the music video as the cameo.

Sogumm Precious Physical Album

Sogumm Precious physical album

AOMG started to tease Sogumm comeback in an Instagram post on October 19th 2021. And finally, the official announcement of Sogumm comeback was posted on October 21rd 2021. AOMG also announced the physical copy of the album that will be sold in Above Store and other Korean Record Store.

Sogumm Precious Tracklist:

Sogumm Precious cover

1. Precious

2. Complex

3. Prescription

4. Do I Have Your Love?

5. Fairytale

6. The Person From Yesterday

7. So Soon

8. My Love

9. My Time Is Gold (Feat. Omega Sapiens)

Sogumm Profile

Kwon Sohee or betterly known Sogumm is a South Korean singer who started her career as an independent artist in 2015. The name ‘Sogumm’ is from a Korean word ‘salt’. Later in 2018, she joined Balming Tiger crew with Omega Sapiens, Henson Hwang, Abyss, and more. In 2020, she joined AOMG survival program “Signhere” and signed with AOMG because she won in the program. She has collaborated with artists like Oh Hyuk, Jay Park, Woo, and many more.

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