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SMTM 6 Producer | Different Hip hop and R&B

The four SMTM 6 producer teams are Tiger JK with Bizzy, Dynamic Duo, Jay Park with Dok2, and Zico with Dean. They have a special cypher as a teaser for SMTM6. This cypher has reached 23 million viewers until now. The biggest number of all producer cypher in SMTM history.

SMTM 6 Producer Cypher

SMTM 6 Producer: Tiger JK and Bizzy

The first producer we’re going to talk about is Tiger JK and Bizzy. They both are legends in the Korean Hip Hop scene. People didn’t expect they will become the producer for SMTM6, but they are excited to finally see them in this show.

Tiger JK and Bizzy are in a group MFBTY with Yoon Mirae. They have been performing together since years ago. They were in the Movement Crew together.This group was created 8 years ago. Now both Tiger JK and Bizzy are under Feel Ghood Music label, a label created by Tiger JK.

Rappers give Tiger JK and Bizzy a huge respect since they were some of the people who popularized hip hop in South Korea. They made hip hop popularly known and appeared in TV shows.

SMTM 6 Producer Tiger JK & Bizzy team:

  • Maniac
  • Blacknine
  • P-type
  • Asol
  • Woo Wonjae

SMTM 6 Producer: Dynamic Duo

Who doesn’t know Dynamic Duo? This legendary duo have been working together for 17 years. This duo consists of Choiza and Gaeko. They have released 10 full albums and so many singles. They made the label Amoeba Culture in 2006 that now signed with 5 artists.

Dynamic Duo is known for their album Taxi Driver which became the best selling Korean hip hop album. They have so many hit songs and work together with other artists too.Choiza said Gaeko knew him longer than he knew his wife. They went to the same elementary and middle school together.

SMTM 6 Producer Dynamic Duo team member:

  • Jo Woochan
  • Nucksal
  • Rhino
  • Hanhae
  • Myundo

SMTM 6 Producer: Jay Park and Dok2

Two hottest CEOs at that time, Jay Park from AOMG and H1GHR MUSIC with Dok2 from 1llionaire Records and Ambition Musik paired together in one team. Both AOMG and 1llionaire are famous Korean Hip Hop labels. The artists signed under both labels are extremely talented. With Jay Park and Dok2 paired in one team, people expected they would guide the contestants very well.

We knew Jay Park and Dok2 are best friends. Jay Park often mentioned that he is a fan of Dok2 and he often came to Dok2’s concerts. Dok2 influenced him a lot including his tattoos. In an interview with GQ Korea, Jay Park said that he started to get tattoos because of Dok2. Dok2 also supported Jay Park and his career. Dok2 helped Jay Park in the beginning when he created AOMG. They have been friends for a long time, released some songs together and attended each other’s concert.

SMTM 6 producer Jay Park & Dok2 team member:

  • Junoflo
  • Double K
  • Ness
  • Woodie Gochild
  • Ja Mezz

SMTM 6 Producer: Zico and Dean

The youngest producers, this team was called the most trendy team in SMTM6. Team CoDean music style is unique and funky. Their fashion style? Bomb. All the contestants under this team have good styling and stage concepts.

Both Zico and Dean are in the same crew, Fanxy Child. They did some work together and have known each other for a long time. Zico was a producer in SMTM4 with Paloalto. The song he made for Mino was a huge success. Appearing again in SMTM6 made the viewers expect another good song from him.

But, no one expected Dean would be a producer for SMTM since he is more often singing than rap. But through this season he proved to everyone he can be a good producer.

SMTM 6 Producer Dean & Zico Team:

  • Olltii
  • Killagramz
  • Young B
  • Hash Swan
  • Hangzoo

All the producer teams in SMTM6 have a different characteristic and style. They have their own speciality and made SMTM6 a fun season to watch. Among all of the producers, which team is your favorite and why? Tell us what you think about them!


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