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Aired in 2016, SMTM5 opened the audition in two different countries. This season was the first time they created auditions in the United States. Of course, SMTM 5 producer are also top notch. There are Zion.T with Kush, Dok2 with The Quiett, Simon Dominic with GRAY, and Mad Clown with Gill.

SMTM 5 Producer: Kush and Zion.T

From the Black Label Team, there are Kush and Zion.T who came to the show. Kush is a composer that has been creating and featuring songs with artists like MOBB, G-Dragon, and Taeyang, . Zion.T is a RnB singer who is known for his songs Yanghwa BRDG, No Makeup, Eat, etc.

SMTM 5 Producer Kush and Zion.T team members:

SMTM 5 producer: Dok2 and The Quiett

Coming back again to SMTM 5, 1llionaire Team Dok2 and The Quiett have been awaited by everyone. After their victory as the producer for Bobby in SMTM 3, people were expecting they would bring the victory again. They came together again with their signature 1llionaire style, they don’t work too hard.

SMTM 5 producer Dok2 and The Quiett team member

  • myunDo
  • Flowsik
  • Keem Hyoeun.

This is the last time Dok2 and The Quiett appeared together in one producer team in SMTM. After this season, they didn’t come together again. Dok2 teamed with Jay Park in SMTM6 and The Quiett with Changmo in SMTM777.

SMTM 5 producer: Simon Dominic and GRAY

From the famous label AOMG, Simon Dominic and GRAY appeared for the first time on the show. Simon Dominic is a rapper formerly in a group called Supreme Team. GRAY is a rapper and famous producer who is known for his ability to make hit songs. They both paired in SMTM5 as the representative of AOMG.

Simon Dominic and GRAY have known each other since a long time ago. They are also the reason AOMG is very popular right now. Simon Dominic joined hands with Jay Park and created AOMG. He used to be the co-CEO of AOMG. Gray joined AOMG in 2013 at the beginning of this label. They both have worked together for years. GRAY also helped Simon Dominic for his popular song, Simon Dominic.

SMTM 5 Producer Simon Dominic and GRAY team member

SMTM 5 Producer: Mad Clown and Gill

Mad Clown is a rapper that participated in SMTM2. He was in Starship Entertainment. Gill is in a hip hop duo Leessang with Gary who formed in 2002. Leesang is a veteran hip hop duo that are popular with the songs Girl Who Can’t Break-Up and Boy Who Can’t Leave.

SMTM 5 Producer Mad Clown & Gill team member:

  • #Gun
  • Sanchez
  • Donutman
  • Boi B.

What do you think about SMTM 5 producer lineup? Which is your favorite producer team? Let us know in the comment section below!


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