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SMTM 4 Producer | Season full of Stories

Show Me the Money 4 aired in 2015 with the bigger contestants than before. This time, the season was filled with some producers from the previous season and some new faces we haven’t seen in the program. SMTM 4 producerswere Tablo with Jinusean, Jay Park with Loco, Zico with Paloalto, and San E with Verbal Jint. With a bigger number of contestants, how was their producing style?

SMTM 4 Producer Tablo Jinusean

From the team YG, Tablo and Jinusean made their appearance in the season. Tablo was the producer for SMTM3 with Masta Wu. Meanwhile this was the first experience for Jinusean. Tablo is in a group called Epik High who joined YG Entertainment in 2012. Jinusean is a hip hop dua consisting of Kim Jin-woo and Noh Seung-hwan. Tablo and Jinusean were in YG Family Concert 2012 together.

SMTM 4 Producer Tablo & JInusean team member:

  • Incredivle
  • Superbee
  • New Champ
  • Innovator

This was the last season Tablo and Jinusean made their appearance in SMTM. In the next season, Zion.T and Kush were the artists to represent YG Entertainment. As for now, Tablo and Epik High aren’t signed with YG Entertainment anymore.

SMTM 4 Producer Jay Park Loco

First time coming to Show Me the Money as producers, AOMG brought Jay Park and Loco to the game. Jay Park is the CEO of AOMG and H1GHR MUSIC who has collaborated with almost every rapper in South Korea. He is also known for his b-boying that he did even before coming to South Korea. Loco is the winner of the first season of Show Me the Money. He signed with AOMG in 2013 and released the hit Hold Me Tight.

Creating AOMG since the beginning, of course Jay Park and Loco worked well together. Loco and Jay Park had featured with each other’s works and went on tours together, their chemistry is no joke.

SMTM 4 producer Jay Park & Loco Team Member

  • Dayday
  • Lil Boi
  • Sik-k
  • Geegooin

After Jay Park and Loco appearance in SMTM4, AOMG members always became in the producer line even until SMTM10. Jay Park became the producer once again in the 6th season with Dok2. He also featured in contestants’ performances like with BewhY in SMTM5 and with pH-1 in SMTM777. Jay Park and Loco reunited again with Lil Boi for his winning stage in SMTM9. 

SMTM 4 Producer Zico Paloalto

The only producer team that didn’t come from the same label, everyone had been waiting for Zico and Paloalto. This was their first appearance as a producer in SMTM.  Zico is a rapper and a member of idol group Block B. Also a part of fanxychild and CEO of KOZ Entertainment. Paloalto is a veteran rapper and a former CEO of Hi-Lite Records.

SMTM 4 producer Zico & Paloalto Team Members

After SMTM4, Zico and Paloalto came as the producer again. Zico teamed with Dean in season 6, meanwhile Paloalto teamed with CODE KUNST in season 777 and 9. Zico often came to SMTM again as a featured artist, he was in CJamm’s song I’m Beautiful and Nafla stage for Buckle.

SMTM 4 Producer San E Verbal Jint

San E and Verbal Jint came to the season from Brand New Music. San E was a producer in SMTM 3 with Swings. Verbal Jint is also returning again from SMTM 1. They both had experience as a producer in this program. San E was also the host for Unpretty Rapstar. San E and Verbal Jint had worked together like in the song Where Did You Sleep.

SMTM 4 producer San E & Verbal Jint Team Members

After SMTM4, Verbal Jint is still in Brand New Music, meanwhile San E left the label in 2018.

All the producers from SMTM didn’t only show their music, but also their ability to produce songs. After watching all of their performances, who was your favorite team?


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