SMTM 10 Ep 6

SMTM 10 Ep 6 Recap | Team Song Mission!

Previous episode, each producer team already pick their team member. This episode of SMTM 10 Ep 6, with 5 member each team they gonna need to collaborate together for the team song mission! Each producer team will make a beat for the team mission while each member will make their own verse and set a performance.

SMTM 10 Ep 6 Team Song Mission | Trouble

Each member share their deepest thought through hypnotherapy session where they try to discover their own story to deliver their lyrics for team mission. Especially A-Chess who share his deepest thoughts about her mom.

The performance itself is a blast! Each member show their strong point with the beat that were adjusted by SLOM himself to suit each member verse. There’s also a bonus of Idol-esque fairy ending pose in the end of their performance.

Too bad one member must be eliminated for this episode, Zion.T & Slom decide to eliminate A-chess who finally reach the Team Mission Round after 10 years participating on Show Me The Money.

Survived team Zion.T & Slom Member:


  • A-chess

SMTM 10 Ep 6 Team Song Mission | Memories of You and Me

Team Tonawayum decide to goes on healing boat trip through Han river. Where Yumdda not only give food as present, but also share the beat their gonna work on. Song Minyeong and Basick freestyle to the beat and they really have a good time working on the song. Especially for Song Minyeong who keep sending his lyrics back and forth to TOIL throguh Kakao Talk messenger asking for advice.

Memories of You and Me is a song about each member past memories. One of the strongest point of this performance is how much fun each member is having and how free flowing their stage is.

In the end Yumdda & Toil decide to eliminate 2009 liner Song Minyeong. The grade schooler have achieve lots of things that not many rapper at his peers able to achieve and above all things shuts all critics from netizen about Song Minyeong pick as team member above more veteran rapper.

Survived team Yumdda x TOIL Member:

  • koonta
  • Basick
  • 365LIT
  • Hwang Jisang/ H:Venom


  • Song Minyeong

SMTM 10 Ep 6 Team Song Mission | Wake Up!

So awkward… Team CoKo member were so shy with each other they ended up not saying anything for couple of minutes. To break the ice, Code Kunst and Gaeko decide to go to massage place where they can relax (or getting punished. After the ‘event’ the awkward member were closer with each other and with their producer.

Wake Up stage is so much fun, Different from other team who use verse-chorus/hook-verse concept. Team Code Kunst & Gaeko use more complex scheme for member parts. Each member have their own solo stage with pre-chorus before the team chorus that show their strengths. Including Tabber verse which become a sensation on social media.

Survived team Code Kunst & Gaeko Member:


  • Ahn Byeongwoong

SMTM 10 Ep 6 Team Song Mission | Breathe

Team GRAYNOMA break the ice by playing games which include roller skating and finding cards game which each card have their own benefit such as get a free beat by GRAY. Their off the stage chemistry is off the roof but can they translate it into their team stage?

Team Graynoma complement each other from the start by have their own adlib & doubling when other rapper perform. They also have a simple yet fun choreo that make their stage a complete performance.

In the end of SMTM 10 Ep 6, one member must be eliminated despite each one of them have really great performance. Mino & GRAY choose Unofficialboyy as the eliminated member. Lee Sureen journey on SMTM 10 ended in this round yet the world already show how he improve from each SMTM seasons that he participate.

Survived team Code Kunst & Gaeko Member:

  • Mudd The Student
  • Anandelight
  • BE’O
  • Geegooin


SMTM 10 Ep 6 Surprise | Eliminated Member Verse!

Code Kunst and other producer argue to the staff that the eliminated member verse is too good to be removed from the official song release like previous seasons. MNET production staff agree comply to the producer argument and decide that each member verse that were eliminated; A-Chess, Song Minyeong, Ahn Byungwoong, and Unofficiallboyy will be included in official song mission release. Looking at A-Chess reaction, this is a well deserved reward for all of them.

Context: On previous seasons eliminated member verse were removed from original songs. As example is: Dbo in Bamn, Kidd King in VVS and Qwala in Good Day.

SMTM 10 Ep 7 teaser | Diss battle next Round & Featuring Artist

Next episode will be the long awaited Diss battle! Team Graynoma vs CoKo will battle each other while team Tonawayum & T-Sla will diss each other in the next episode.

After the diss battle ended, they gonna have their 1st stage mission with featuring artist. Wonstein, Ash Island, Justhis, Kid Mill, Monika of prowdmon, and even Bobby of iKON will come to the stage! Are you ready??

There’s not yet SMTM 10 Ep 6 english sub. bu t you can watch SMTM 10 Ep 6 RAW HERE or HERE.

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