SMTM 10 Ep 4

SMTM 10 Ep 4 Recap | 1 vs 1 Battle Continue!

SMTM 10 Ep 4 were a continuation of previous episode where MNET Bring back 1 vs 1 round battle but with a new concept. The producer can gave the losing contestant a pass if they think the contestant perform well in that round. Many contestant also decide that rather than battling each other they prefer to make a good song so both of them pass the round.

365LIT vs Yanu

SMTM 10 ep 4 start with the battle of two ALL PASS. 365LIT from USB (UnderSeongsuBridge) crew versus Yanu of Halftime Records (Lil Boi & Takeone agency). Yanu make several mistake while rap and he freestyle trying to fix his mistake. 365Lit didn’t make any mistake and perform really well.



Don Mills VS Ourealgoat

One of the big match SMTM 10 ep 4. Contrary to everyone expectation, they decide to not battling each other, focusing on making a great song and performance instead. Their decision paid of because even though Don Mills lose the round, he were saved by Code Kunst and pass to the next round. Ourmillsgoat! Don Mills perform his verse from 2018 – Korean Air.

Ourealgoat PASS

Don Mills Producer PASS

Geegooin vs

Geegooin opponent Son Jeonghoon is just 16 years old. He jokingly said that he feels like he’s a High School Rapper Mentor just like when his buddy Hangzoo & Boi B casted as a mentor on School Rapper 2. Geegoin perform his verse on Mic Swagger Season 3 and pass.

Geegooin PASS

Son Jeonghoon ELIMINATED

Yankie vs Anandelight

Veteran rapper Yankie is back after he go through revival round and chosen by the producer. Anandelight actually grow up listening to Yankie so it’s a real moment for him to collaborate with his idol growing up. SMTM 10 ep 4 show that Anandelight were nothing but shy though, perform really well and pass the round flawlessly! The producer were looking at each other hoping someone save Yankie, but no one decide to save him and Yankie is eliminated from SMTM 10.



Jo Gwangil vs A-Chess

No one want to battle Jo Gwangil and really avoiding him. Jo Gwangil decide to battle A-Chess, a battle to remember on SMTM history. Jo Gwangil use his song Anarchy Freesytle versus A-Chess who really comfortable with the beat. The first result, a draw! They need to prepare one more time for their rematch

SMTM 10 Ep 4 meet the first rematch of 1 vs 1 round battle. Jo Gwangil & A-Chess prepare again and perform once more. Once again the producer can’t decide between the two of them and the result is draw again!

As per rules said, they need to choose a beat together and rap on the spot for the 2nd rematch. The third time show both rapper in equal terms, resulting in a draw! The producer confused on what to do before Mino decide to give them the producer pass and make both of them pass this round. Deserved!

A-Chess PASS

Jo Gwangil PASS

Sokodomo vs Ja Mezz

Sokodomo pick a tough opponent for his 1 vs 1 round, the Kingmaker Ja Mezz! Can Ja Mezz break the curse or Sokodomo will continue his path on SMTM 10? SMTM 10 Ep 4 show an unique performance by both of them. Using SLOM beat, Sokodomo is in his element while Ja Mezz mess up his lyrics. The result is as expected.

Sokodomo PASS


Khakii vs Choi Joonpyo

Khakii from Wavy didn’t impress the producer too much last round, can he impress the producer on SMTM 10 Ep 4? Khakii battle Choi Joonpyo for 1 vs 1 battle round and show what he made of.

Khakii PASS


Mudd THe Student vs Jeong Euinyoung

Mudd The student awe everyone with his performance last time around. Now he’s battle newcomer Jeong Euinyoung that were writing his own lyric for this round. Rapper usually use lyrics from their songs (could be released or unreleased) for SMTM and not having many lyrics/songs in their inventory could be disaster. Just like how Jeong Euinyoung that just prepare his lyrics and make mistake in the round.

Mudd The student PASS

Jeong Euinyoung Eliminated

San E vs Posadic

Instead of choosing his opponent San E invite anyone that want to collaborate with him for SMTM 10 Ep 4 using 125 – 135 BPM beat. Posadic rise up to the challenge and actually deliver! San E perform well enough but still not living up to the producer expectation, once again he barely pass the round.


Posadic Eliminated

Basick, vs Kim Dongwook

Kim Dongwook surprise everyone by challenging SMTM 4 winner Basick. Despite the intense face off, Basick actually really kind and give multiple suggestion to Kim Dongwook. Even though Kim Dongwook eliminated, Basick promise to invite him on his youtube channel Basick TV after SMTM 10 Ep 4 air.

Basick PASS


BE’O vs Kanto

Counting Star! A whole nation were addicted to the verse that BE’O perform on previosu round. This time around BE’O choose Kanto as his opponent. A veteran in the Korean hiphop scene, Kanto was a member of TROY, Brand New Music. Kanto also have a stint on The Unit, an idol survival program. Yet BE’O once again show he’s on form and continue to awe everyone in this SMTM 10 ep 4.



SINCE vs H-Venom

MNET save the best of SMTM 10 ep 4 for last. Female rapper SINCE battle 17 years old Hwang Jisang / H-Venom in the episode. From their first performance they show a great energy together. Arguably one of the best performance in the episode. The producer also can’t choose between the two of them and it ended up as a draw!

As the rules stated, SINCE & H-Venom need to do a rematch. Despite worsening physical condition, H-Venom try to keep up and preserve, showing his tenacity. The result of the rematch is a draw once more.

They need to choose a beat and rap right afterwards. H-Venom pull through to finish third round where the producer pass both of them in relief of SINCE who were really worried about H-Venom. Congratulation to both of them!


H-Venom PASS

SMTM Ep 5 teaser | Producer Stage and Choosing Team

SMTM 10 ep 4 ended and not it’s the teaser for next week show us SMTM 10 producer stage and the contestant finally choosing their team. Will your favorite rapper join your favorite team?

There’s not yet Eng Sub for SMTM 10 Ep 4.

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