SMTM 10 Ep 2

SMTM 10 Ep 2 Recap | Perhaps Some Louis Vuitton?

After the lack of tension and unexpected result from the first episode of Show Me The Money Season 10. It’s gonna be a rollercoaster ride on SMTM 10 Ep 2! From veteran contestant, contestant that we finally see again on TV and of course new talented contestant that we gonna be in awe with. Here’s the recap of tonight episode.

Northfacegawd PASS

Northfacegawd share behind the story of his using north face stage name and Tattoo, yes he have a tattoo based on his stage name that were inspired by The North Face brand. The tattoo is suggested by none other by The Quiett. He perform one of his hit track Bokdukbang that other contestant also familiar with and even sing along to the song!

Implanted Kid FAIL

The youtuber/content creator once again plan to show what he’s capable of as a rapper. Performing below producer expectation and Forgetting his lyrics multiple time a were the nail in the coffin for Implanted Kid journey on SMTM 10. Yet, it was really fun! Section!

Since 3 PASS

Since go up! She keep her hot streak going by perform one of her track Go up. Since been one of the most promising female rapper in the competition, hopefully there’s more follow her footsteps!

365LIT 3 Pass

One of the rising trap rapper 365LIT also show what he’s capable of on this round. SMTM 10 Ep 2 were his rejuvenation after last season that he thinks were underwhelming. 365LIT got 3 pass from SMTM 10 producers,

Ahn Byeong Woong All Pass

Another returnee from previous SMTM seasons is Ahn Byeong Woong from WAVY. The rapper that embrace old school hip hop once again awe everyone with his tight rap, this time using a beat by fellow WAVY producer Stally. Even after the beat ends, Ahn Byeong Woong still rap finishing his verse, gave everyone a bonus performance.

Khakii 2 PASS

One more previous season SMTM returnee and WAVY member, Khakii. SMTM 10 ep 2 become a showdown of Khakii with himself, all the producer still regret that he forget his lyrics on diss battle against LIl Boi of GEEKS who led to his elimination. Khakii performance were good but not good enough, earning him 2 PASS that still make him go through to next round of SMTM 10, 1 vs 1 battle.

Hwang Jisang ALL PASS

A new talented young rapper on SMTM 10 Ep 2! Hwang Jisang awe everyone with his rap and energy despite only 17 years old. His witty lyrics were also so much fun “I’m 18 years old (Korean age) yet I look like 28”


Tabber from You.will.knovv were also participating in this year SMTM 10. One of the rising star in the scene, Tabber were brought by DEAN when he’s meet him in LA back few years ago. Tabber were also using a beat from fellow you.will.knovv member 2xxx! A beat that really suit his rap style.

Unofficialboyy ALL PASS

SMTM 4, 5, 777, 8 and finally 10 contestant. Despite his young age he already seems like a veteran in the hiphop scene. Used to be a leader of Dickids crew now as part of D.O.G crew, Lee Surin show more wise and humble side this season. Will he able to finally win it all?

Anandelight ALL PASS

Another new contestant to be excited to see on SMTM 10 Ep 2. Anandelight bring a bundle of joy with his reaction and energy to fellow contestant and producer. TMI: Anandelight name come means double the delight (two and).


Better than your Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton~. Do you read the words while singing the song using BE’O voice? You’re not alone, pretty sure everyone who watch SMTM 10 Ep 2 were hypnotize by BE’O performance in this episode. Looking forward for the journey of BE’O on SMTM 10!

Yankie FAIL

One veteran rapper that joined this program is Yankie from TBNY. A well respected artist in the industry who have tons of hit songs in the past. Yankie were a role model that everyone look up to back in 2000’s and 2010’s. One of the spearhead in the overground Korean Hiphop scene, Yankie were eliminated after underwhelming performance by SMTM 10 producer standard.

Geegooin ALL PASS

Hya! Back in SMTM 4, Geegooin of Rhythm Power have signature sound that become his trademark. Now he didn’t need to bring all of that because his rap and a beat by producer ASSBRASS were all that SMTM 10 producer need to give him ALL PASS in SMTM 10 Ep 2.

Ourealgoat 3 PASS

One of the most promising rapper in the Korean hip hop Scene. Ourealgoat from FDT Crew barely get any airtime previous season. But this year SMTM 10 ep 2 he was given plenty and show his capabilities. Despite having a hard time after his father passed away and he nearly gave up on music, Ourealgoat still perform at his best and get 3 PASS from producer..

Lil Hodong: FAIL

SMTM 10 ep 2 were a long episode. Not only for the viewers but also for the contestant who need to wait 131 other rapper to perform. Lil Hodong from Stoneship is a breath of fresh air for both the contestant and viewer. Too bad he was eliminated despite having a really fun stage.

Basick FAIL

One of the biggest story is the story of Show Me The Money 4 Winner Basick. After a witty performance on the 1st episode when he pretend to forget his lyrics. In this episode Basick forget his lyrics, many were curious if it’s just another stunt but after forgetting his lyrics multiple times everyone knows Basick journey on SMTM 10 is over.


Reggae artist Koonta were once regarded as a multitalented artist. A great vocalist with Rude Paper Band, a reggae rapper that not lost against any hip hop rapper from his generation and a funny entertainer that appear on television every week. Koonta this time come as a contestant and meet his best friend Yumdda, now as a producer. Despite his bad condition Koonta were showing flawless rap that earn him an ALL PASS

Koonta actualy goes long way back with Yumdda. They already known each other since High School, more than 20 years ago. Yumdda know a lot about Koonta potential as an artist but to Koonta demise his own free spirited personality who always joke around were his own wall. Yumdda believe that Koonta got what it takes to be a top artist in the industry. Yumdda regard Koonta as his best friend, his hyung, the one who introduce him to music, and everything else. Yumdda can’t help to shed his tears after his best friend Koonta pass this round

SMTM 10 Ep 2 Bonus: SMTM 10 contestant SLOM

There’s not yet SMTM 10 Ep 2 Eng sub is not available yet. But you can watch SMTM 10 EP 2 RAW here or here


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