SMTM 10 Ep 1

SMTM 10 ep 1 | Not Only San E & Basick | First Episode Recap

Finally SMTM 10 Ep 1 start! The long awaited season is finally air tonight 1st of October 2021, 11 PM KST. Many people were unexcited about current season because the teaser from MNET keep showing two veteran contestant San E (a former SMTM Producer) and Basick (former SMTM 4 winner) multiple times. Not to worry, there’s still more interesting stuff and talented rapper that were waiting to be discover in this season of Show Me The Money!

Get to know SMTM 10 Producer

Before we starting to dig deeper into SMTM 10 Ep 1. Let’s introduce the producer first. There’s 4 producer team for this season Show Me The Money 10. The concept for this season of Show Me The Money is a combination of veteran artist with new/uprising artist and also a combination of rapper/singer and producer.

Here’s the list of SMTM 10 producer:

  • Yumdda x TOIl
  • Gaeko x Code Kunst
  • Zion.T x Slom

365LIT Pass!

First contestant that were show in SMTM 10 ep 1 were 365Lit. a rapper from Under Seongsu Bridge (USB) Crew. He’s also participate in the last year SMTM 9.

Sokodomo Pass!

DJ drop that Fuego, Sokodomo lets go! Remember that line from Sokodomo in High School Rapper season 3? Yes now the one of a kind rapper is back on survival show! On SMTM 10 ep 1, Sokodomo show his unique flow and awe producer Zion.T an unique one of a kind singer of his own.

Xinsayne Pass!

Not only Sokodomo and Pullik that join this year SMTM 10. There’s one more rapper-singer-producer from their crew that joined, XINSAYNE! Xinsayne is part of Eumcha1ld crew, a crew which Sokodomo and Pullik among many others. One new talented contestant, check!

Don Mills Pass!

Mills gonna do it! One of the veteran rapper from VMC that yet never joined SMTM on previous seasons, Don Mills bring positive energy to the program, interacting with other contestant and encouraging each one of them. His rap? No problem from Gaeko!

Jo Gwangil pass!

Another anticipated rapper is Jo Gwangil. One of the fast if not the fastest rapper in South Korea right now. Jo Gwangil have been creating hit track such as Acrobat among many others and have been touted as one of the rapper with best skill in the industry by many avid hip hop fans in South Korea. This year Gwangil Jo gonna show it to the public that he’s not only fast, but have great musicality and other skillset as a rapper.

Kitsyoji Pass!

First drama of SMTM 10 ep 1. Kitsyoji show up after Jo Gwangil. Why the atmosphere is so tense? Kitsyoji and Jo Gwangil actually have history. Earliear this year (2020), both of them become a part of diss battle between Kaogaii vs Outsider, the diss battle expand and it become LBNC (Kaogaii and Kitsyoji label) against Dippin Carls Records (Jo Gwangil label). Kitsyoji pass, maybe their beef will continue until diss battle round?

Talented Young Rapper

This is SMTM right not High School Rapper? Because there’s so many talented young rapper that were participating in the program! One young rapper Song Minyeong even pass the 1st round. Will we see the next young rapper to continue the path of Jo Woochan, D.ark and Big Naughty?

Geegooin of Rhythm Power Pass

One of the background stories in SMTM 10 Ep 1 is how Geegooin still struggle to get recognition despite his fellow Rhythm Power member achieve success through SMTM. Boi B with Horangnabi on SMTM 5 and Hangzoo as SMTM 6 winner, Gaeko, a former boss of Geegooin when he’s still in Amoeba Culture were also so relieved that Geegooin pass the 1st round.

Implanted Kid Pass

Isn’t he a Youtuber? Yes, Implanted Kid is a youtuber and content creator for P’sick University youtube channel. But he’s originally an active rapper before become a content creator. Many other participant said that Implanted Kid join this year SMTM 10 only as gimmick to rise his popularity, but he prove everyone wrong, fake recognize fake!

San E Pass

One of the rapper that were talked about by many people before SMTM 10 Ep 1 even start, San E. Many were surprised by San E decision to join Show Me The money especially where he already participate as a producer in previous season 3 and 4. Does the self proclaimed rapper genius still have the same skill that propel him to the top of Korean hip-hop scene in the 2010’s? Let’s see his journey on SMTM 10.

Former SMTM 9 Contestant

Lots of previous season contestant were also participating in this year SMTM 10 ep 1. One more notable is A-Chess who have been participating since season 2 yet never got proper airtime and recognition. Other rapper that pariticpate in this year SMTM 10 is Khakii, Sycho, Ahn Byungwoong, Mac Kidd, Mckdaddy and Blase.

Unique Contestant

One of segment that always become an icebreaker from the tense atmosphere since earliest season of SMTM is the unique contestant! This year there’s many unique contestant including Bitcoin that appear on SMTM 10 Ep 1.

Female Rapper PASS! Including Since

Lots of female rapper participating and pass the online screening audition for this year SMTM 10. Even more female rapper were shown to pass the 1st audition. Including one of the rising rapper Since! Since have been famous for her online audition video since SMTM 777 and finally this year she’s got an ample airtime on SMTM 10. SINCE were also personally scouted by Deepflow for Boiling Point project by VMC.

Mildang Girl Yuk Jidam

The original school rapper Yuk Jidam is back! First seen on SMTM 3 and gain tons of popularity through Unpretty Rapstar, Yuk Jidam is back after long hiatus as a musician on SMTM 10 Ep 1. She’s still really active though. Earlier this year Yuk Jidam become a cast of a famous reality show competition Money Game that also involve Kaogaii among many other.

Choi Hwanhee / Z.flat pass!

One of the most talked rapper by South Korea media and news portal is Choi Hwanhee, the son of late actress Choi Jinsil. SMTM 10 ep 1 share the tragic background story from 13 years ago that all South Koreans remember. The son of all South Korean Choi Hwanhee is ready to show his strength through SMTM 10, a feat that we all so proud of.

Northfacegawd Pass

Northfacegawd? The North Face? Yes! Stage name of the unique rapper is inspired by fashion brand The North Face. Exclusively only use those apparel, Northfacegawd stock have been rising especially after Beenzino & The Quiett who speak highly of him through their own platform. TMI: Northfacegawd have North Face Gawd tattoo in his neck with THe North Face logo.

MuddTheStudent pass

Another rapper with unique style of music. Mudd The Student is part of Balming Tiger, a home for Omega Sapien, Byung Un, Sogumm among many others. Using folk-rock as his main genre, MuddTheStudent is ready to put SMTM and South Korea Hiphop scene upside down.

SMTM 10 Ep 1 Main Event: Basick

The main event of SMTM 10 Ep 1 is Basick appearance. Former SMTM 4 winner Basick made a surprise announcement that he gonna participate in this year Show Me the Money 10. Another plot twist, he gonna be judge by MINO, a runner up of Show Me the Money 10 that now become SMTM 10 producer. A season full of drama ahead.

SMTM 10 EP 2 teaser

Before SMTM 10 Ep 1 ended, there’s a teaser where reggae artist Koonta have an emotional confrontation with Yumdda. Both of them is actually a really good friend, best friend even. Since 2009 both of them become a VJ of MTV together with Heyne. Yuumda Koonta were once inseparable, now they grew apart and meet again on SMTM 10. One as a contestant and other one as a producer.

SMTM 10 Ep 1 English subs is not available yet. But if you want to watch or download the RAW version you can download it HERE


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