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Slom And SUMIN Releasing MINISERIES The Joint Album From Fans Fundraising

Music producer Slom paired up with singer songwriter SUMIN to make a full-length joint album “MINISERIES”. Both of the artists firstly alerted the public by uploading the notice of their upcoming album through Instagram on July 22, 2021. A week later, they announced that “MINISERIES” will be produced through a fundraising project on TUMBLBUG, South Korea’s largest crowdfunding site for independent creators.

The fundraising program for the “MINISERIES” joint album was held in August 2021 and successfully exceeded the target amount. The full-length album itself will be released on September 15 in every music streaming platforms and also limited edition CD and vinyl are going to be sold on TUMBLBUG. “MINISERIES” is a full-length album containing 10 tracks with 2 bonus tracks added.

Slom And SUMIN Photoshoot For “MINISERIES” Fundraising With The Project Character

Sumin SLOM Miniseries

Instagram @slominu

Slom and SUMIN worked on the songwriting, composing, arranging, and mixing the tracks together. The “MINISERIES” album is filled with fews of different genres from the artists. The bonus tracks Complaints and Karaoke were uploaded as a pre-release on SoundCloud. “MINISERIES” process making took about a year ever since Slom was still in America and ever faced release date cancelation because of their schedule.

Tracklist For The “MINISERIES” Full-Length Joint Album

Miniseries Tracklist

<01> Mirage

<02> In Touch

<03> The Gonlan Song (title)

<04> Yogijogi

<05> What Do You Think

<06> OO

<07> Broken

<08> For Now

<09> Trap

<10> Cheers (title)

<11> Karaoke (bonus track)

<12> Complaint (bonus track)

Both of the artists agreed to choose love as the theme for their joint full-album. Slom stated that love is the most accurate concept for “MINISERIES”. SUMIN herself also naturally wrote the song that ended fits to the theme. SUMIN is a type of person who enjoys creating stories for the song, she likes stories about love and human relationships.

The Official Music Video Of The Gonlan Song By Slom And SUMIN

The “MINISERIES” full-length joint album was made with various music styles. Slom himself said that each of the tracks from this album has a different artist influence, most of them are typically similar with Korean Music in the 90’s and early 2000’s era. Overall, Slom and SUMIN feel satisfied with the album result, they really enjoy the meaningful experience of album making with the fans’ money through a fundraising project. There’s also a lot of benefits for everyone who help donate money to fundraise this project. Include signed LP & merchandise by Slom and SUMIN!

Slom And SUMIN Profile

Slom Sumin

Instagram @slominu

Kim Minu or better known with his stage name Slom is a South Korean emerging producer and beat maker. Slom has been making music since 2014 before he started the mandatory military service in Korea. His stage name is a combination of sloth and Minu because his friends used to say that he looks like a sloth. Slom has made his own name widely by producing songs for Show Me the Money 9 and he has been selected to be one of the producers lineup for Show Me The Money 10.

SUMIN is a South Korean prominent singer, songwriter and producer that made her debut in December 2015. She is known as the pioneer of Neo K-pop genre. As a producer, SUMIN has produced songs for many K-pop artists such as BTS and Red Velvet. She has been actively pursuing her music career actively by releasing songs and albums since her debut.

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