SLOM Profile

SLOM Profile l The Salient Producer Who Receive An Extensive Exposure

SLOM Profile

Name : Kim Minu
Birthdate : December 17, 1993
Debut : 2019
Crew : Holocoin
Instagram : @slominu
Spotify ; Apple Music

One of the hottest producers in South Korea hip-hop scene, SLOM, stealed an enormous limelight through his appearance as a producer on Mnet rap survival program Show Me The Money Season 10. SLOM began to expand his own name during SMTM 9 by becoming the beat maker for most of Zion. T and Giriboy team tracks. SLOM himself has been pursuing his music career since 2013, SLOM now have proved his foremost flair by producing tons of masterpieces.

SLOM Profile | Early Life

SLOM Profile
Instagram @slominu

SLOM was born in the family that appreciates music so much, especially his father who loves jazz music a lot and collected CD’s when he was in America. His mother and sister also enjoy listening to various kinds of music. Since his boyhood, SLOM used to listen to the songs from The Standard, Bill Evans and Miles Davis because his father plays them frequently on the car. Jazz music was like a childhood soundtrack for SLOM.

SLOM Profile | With His Mother And Sister

SLOM Family
Instagram @slominu

SLOM In LA | UCLA Student

SLOM Selfie
Instagram @slominu

SLOM came to LA in 2012, when he was a freshman of his college year at UCLA. He lived in LA for around 4 years, excluding the military enlistment duty. In 2013, SLOM started to pursue his music career using a sequencer app named FL Studio. He mostly worked on a laptop, controller and headphones then uploaded them on Soundcloud.

SLOM never studied music separately, he did learn about beat making through Youtube. He didn’t even really know about chords back then until he got told by some musicians he worked with. And SLOM thinks that actually learning about music properly is really necessary. SLOM looked up at some beatmakers that later influenced his song writing style. Dibiase was the first artist who influenced SLOM in beat making,. He was also greatly influenced by the Evil Needle or Mr. Carmack and KAYTRANADA.

During his college years, he felt really tired from both study and music because he had to focus on his studies first. SLOM had a very little chance to find someone with a similar musical taste to him so he contemplated whether to pursue a career as a producer or not. Many of his friends were really into EDM and he had no choice but to follow them. SLOM also experienced hardships when collaborating with other artists because of his studies.

SLOM Graduating From UCLA


Instagram @slominu

SLOM Profile | Enter South Korea Music scene

While he was still in LA, SLOM met DJ Dopsh which later introduced him to many South Korean musicians such as Ugly Duck, lIl BOI and Zion. T. Then Ugly Duck was the one who bring up about SLOM music to Jay Park and Simon Dominic. In 2014 SLOM also got a chance to work with Heize as one of his official works in the music industry.

SLOM Profile | SLOM Stage name

The stage name SLOM was short for sloth and Minu. Back then, there was a group chat room of SLOM with his friends who decided to not study during the college exam period. He asked his friends to come up with a stage name and they said Kim Minu resembled a sloth, so he combined sloth and Minu to finally get his stage name as SLOM.

SLOM Profile | South Korea R&B and Hip Hop producer

SLOM finally returned to South Korea in 2020 after his graduation from UCLA in 2019. Ever since his college years, SLOM has started working on a variety of projects in parallel with many musicians.So after graduating, SLOM started to think about his long-term life goals rather than the short-term career plans. As he is not a student anymore, SLOM feels like he has a lot of responsibilities in the future for his own career.

There was a time when SLOM had a meeting with other producers who were born in 1993 like FRNK, Millic and No Identity. The four of them were so excited that they met and agreed to make a compilation album for the year of the Rooster liner. But then none of them contacted each other about the album project.

SLOM Profile | MINISERIES Joint Album with SUmin

SLOM made a joint album with his long best friend, SUMIN. The joint album “MINISERIES” was officially released on September 15, 2021 with a total 12 tracks included. “MINISERIES” was produced through a fundraising project on South Korea’s largest crowdfunding site named TUMBLBUG. The fundraising was held in August 2021 and successfully exceeded the target amount.

SLOM Profile | SMTM 10 producer

Instagram @mnet_hiphop

SLOM was announced as one of the producers lineup, and went on the same team with Zion. T under the name T-Sla. Even though it was unpredictable, later the show enthusiasts escalated their anticipation towards SLOM on the show. On Show Me The Money 9 SLOM helped Zion. T and Giriboy team a lot in making the tracks that later became a great hit such as FREAK, Infrared Camera, Tomorrow and Credit.

SLOM Profile will keep being updated in the near future.

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