Skyminhyuk The Genius of Effort 2

SkyMinhyuk The Genius of Effort 2 | Full Album of SKY SLATT

SKY SLATT!!! Last year we heard that many times on SMTM 9. SkyMinhyuk The Genius of Effort 2 is the result of hard work. SkyMinhyuk share genius isn’t just born but made aswell. An album with 16 tracks inside that show his full potential as musician, not just in comedic way that we often shown as SMTM 9 highlights.

SkyMinhyuk Gilchi

This album is an continuation of Skyminhyuk single that was released back on 2019 with the same title. Here’s the album description by Skyminhyuk

“I’m a genius of hard work.
I’ll prove this in the end.
Everyone struggling to achieve their dream, including myself.
I’d like to say something to encourage everyone!

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who helped and supported me to release this album.

Show & Prove till the end of my life”

SkyMinhyuk the Genius of Effort 2 tracklist

Sky Minhyuk the Genius of Effort 2
  1. Let Me Live
  2. Gilchi
  3. Fuckk School
  4. Sweating Buckets
  5. Again
  6. Slam Dunk
  7. SUPERLOVE feat Ourealgoat
  8. Smile Mode
  9. Edison
  10. Koong feat Takuwa
  11. Hey feat Astral Swaggy & Pullik
  12. Pinguin feat Hotchkiss
  13. Shh Shh feat Kwon Kibaek
  14. Play Dumb feat Odd95
  15. Empty Earth
  16. The Genius of Effort 2

SkyMinhyuk Profile

One of a kind rapper Skyminhyuk have been officially active since 2019 with the debut single of the same title. After catch everyone attention through Show Me The Money season 9, Skyminhyuk is offered a contract at Grandline Entertainment, an agency that consist of Stella Jang, Ja Mezz, Pullik, Hotchkiss, Louie of Geeks, Mckdaddy among many others.

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