SIM2 Rain

SIM2 Rain | I Miss You When it Rains

Producer SIM2 back with a new single! SIM2 Rain is the latest single of 96 liner Park Byunggyu (SIM2 real name) that feature singer Aden and rapper Kebee. A perfect song when you miss someone at rainy days, rain accompanied by the combination of bass, guitar, piano that well arranged by SIM2, combined by longing voice of Aden and heart breaking rap of Kebee

SIM2 Rain audio

It’s raining at the end of the day of mine

I missed you so much.

This night is filled with lingering feelings

Sim 2 rain single description

SIM2 Rain credits

Sim2  Rain cover

Composed by SIM2, Aden, Kebee
Lyrics by Aden, Kebee
Arranged by SIM2

Guitar by A. Low
Bass, Piano by SIM2
Recorded, Chorus by Aden, Kebee
Mixed & Mastered by Dongchan Hwang

Artwork by Akakitsune ( Akakitsune )

SIM2 Profile

One of the most active producer in Korean Music Industry. SIM2 already release 43 songs and have 230 songs produced. Not only R&B beats, SIM2 also add element of ballad and rock element to his music, that he implemented not only to his songs but songs for other artist such as Claire Hau, Maguro, Kenessi, Austn, Sinstealer, L.NDN and many others.

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