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SHARKRAMA WordPress | 3rd Full Album

Sharkrama is back with 3rd full album! WordPress is the 3rd full album of the independent rapper Sharkrama who have grown up musically and emotionally since his debut days. This is the story of Ok Soohyun (Sharkrama real name) that have been experience lots of stuff as a professional in this industry.


All the song in the album is produced by producer Polar Bear, the producer have been working closely with SHARKRAMA since his first album 666. SHARKRAMA suggest ot listen to the album in sequence, from beginning to the end to feel the growth of Sharkrama as a rapper and Ok Soohyun as a person.

SHARKRAMA WordPress tracklist

Sharkrama WordPress cover
  1. Hustle
  2. For What
  3. Before I Know feat Sipseonbee
  4. Workaholic
  5. Skit 1
  6. Erase Me
  7. Skit 2
  8. Possibility Holic
  9. Look At This System feat A-Chess Sipseonbee
  10. New Thing feat DJ Tiz
  11. WordPress
  12. Life Is


SHARKRAMA have been getting a lot of attention since his appearance on Show Me The Money 8, showing a skillful rap and only losing to eventual finalist Yang Hongwon. SHARKRAMA have been working with artist such as Don Malik, Khundi Panda, QM, Ash-B, and many more. He’s also been participating in SMTM 9 and 10 but didn’t get many screen time in the program.

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