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San E Raina Midsummer Nights Sweetness : Summer Again | 2021 Version

7 years ago, A collaboration song between two artist top music charts, a summer anthem for lovers. Now the song is being play again once more time. San E Raina of Afterschool is back again after 7 years, reminding everyone who still nostalgic to the song they used to put on repeat from the previous decade.

San E Raina Midsummer Nights Sweetness : Summer Again

San E were recalled once again by Brand New Music to complete the TEN project. A project by Brand New Music to remake top songs from Brand New Music artist, or former Artist in San E case. The song is remaster and reproduce by brand new producer also, producer Nomad and On The Road. Still use the same melody, but give a totally fresh vibe.

This is not the first time that San E Raina is back as a duo. There’s also a song titled Sugar and Me that two of them perform together back in 2016.

San E Raina Midsummer Nights Sweetness : Summer Again Credit

San E Raina TEN Project

Produced by nomad, On the road
Composed by San E, Cosmic Sound
Lyrics by San E
Arranged by nomad, On the road
Piano by apr4l3
Guitar by Kim Seungjun
Bass by Joo Young Kwang
Drum by nomad, On the road
Saxophone by JASON LEE
Recorded by 9999 at BRANDNEW MUSIC Studio, ZZINSOO at FameUs
Mixed by MasterKey at 821 Sound 
Mastered by MasterKey at 821 Sound

San E Profile

San E is one of the most highlighted rapper in South Korea hip hop scene. Often appear as news headline, this year mark San E comeback to the mainstream public channel. In 2018, San E was involved in many controversies that become headine in South Korea News: with the controversial song release feminist & 6,9 cm, also a diss battle with Sleeq and Jerry K. San E seems already recover himself from all the headline from 3 years ago. Now start to become active, even planning to join SMTM 10 as one of the contestant.

Raina Profile

A member of idol group AFTERSCHOOL. Raina have a solo debut in 2012 , 3 years after she become a member of Afterschool on October, 2009. This year, Raina also become trending topic alongside other Afterschool member Jungah, Jooyeon, Bekah, and Kahi that have reunion through MMTG program. This year have really been a nostalgic year for 2nd generation K-Pop fans.

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