San E If I Can Go back

San E If I Can Go Back | What do You Say?

After eliminated from SMTM 10, San E release a new song titled If I can Go Back, asking the rhetoric question: Will you do the same?

San E If I Can Go Back

If you can go back
Will you do the same
What do you say
I say you ask me hundred times

San E If I Can Go Back lyrics

San E If I Can Go Back Credits

San E If I Can Go Back credits

Executive Producer by Dongmyeong Hong for samesidecompany
Produced by San E
Lyrics by San E
Composed by San E
Arranged by AriaTheProducer, abdulkeyz
Artist Management by Sungmo Yoon
Recorded by ZZINSOO at FameUs
Digital Editing by Limzy at Stardust Mix Lab
Mixed by Sanghoon Lee at Stardust Mix Lab
Mastered by Namwoo Kwon at 821 Sound
Album Cover by @aidiwiin

San E Profile

Now the Co-CEO of Sameside Company and FameUs Records. San E shock everyone by applying on SMTM 10 this year despite being a producer for season 3 and 4. Despite the journey ended early, many Korean netizen express their regret through forums/gallery that San E were not picked by Yumdda. He still continue to have a career though, staying active in the music industry by keep releasing music.

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