Razyboyocean Pop One

Razyboyocean Pop One | Just Pop A Bottle!

Pop One is the latest single of the rapper of PABLO MU2IK. He’s just debut last year in September 2020 with the single Door that feature crewmate Ash Island. Razyboyocean also was part of Sentinel and AKK crew that were rising few years ago.

Razyboyocean Pop One Audio

The song is not actually a new one, Razyboyocean already release this song on his Soundcloud that was released back in 2019. For the official release, Razyboyocean remaster the song, add more lyrics and change the vibe of the song and lower the overall pitch of the song but still give the same vibe as the original one.

Let’s pop a bottle of champagne!

Razyboyocean Pop One Credits

Razyboyocean POp One Cover

Composed by RAZYBOYOCEAN, Hyunjin
Arranged by Hyunjin 
Mixed by minimalizm
Mastered by Namwoo Kwon @821 Sound
Artwork by Oshi Oka Recorded at ICE DEN

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