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Ramengvrl pH-1 Collaboration | Aint No MF

RAMENGVRL pH-1 collaborate, in the song titled Ain’t No MF. The song has a catchy beat like other songs Ramengvrl has. This became the first time pH-1 collaborated with an Indonesian artist. Before this, Ramengvrl has collaborated with Ted Park, former artist from H1GHR MUSIC who is based in America.

pH-1 also appeared on the music video for Ain’t No MF. Even though they are both in different countries, they made the collaboration happen.

RAMENGVRL pH-1 – Ain’t no MF Music Video

There ain’t no motherfucker like me in the streets Won’t you tell me if you seen her.

Both RAMENGVRL pH-1 rapped in English in this song. In the lyrics, pH-1 expresses his desire to go to Indonesia when this pandemic ends. He shows his love for Indonesian noodles which he had tried through fans’ gifts.

Soon as I get shot up with the vac
I be off to INA
Take a mie soto bath
Ya Tuhan, I’m so insane

pH-1 Lyrics on Aint no MF

pH-1 Profile

Park Jun-won or pH-1 is a South Korean rapper who debuted in 2017 with the EP The Island Kid. He used to live in America but since he signed with Jay Park label, H1GHR MUSIC, he started his music journey in South Korea. He participated in Show Me the Money season 777 until the Semifinal Round in 2018. Until now he has released one full album titled HALO in 2019. He has collaborated with various artists like rappers, idol groups, and soloists. Lately, he collaborated with Japanese artist, indigo la End.

Ramengvrl Profile

Ramengvrl is a rapper from Indonesia who debuted in 2016 with the song I’m Da Man. She joined Underground Bizniz Club label in 2016 and started her music career. Until 2021, she has released two full albums which are No Bethany in 2019 and Can’t Speak English in 2020.

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