rainud episode VOL 1

RAINUD Episode Vol. 1 | First EP From the Young Producer

Korean Hip hop scene not only receive a great influx of young rapper in the past few years, but also producer. RAINUD is one of the young producer that just debut few months ago, July 2021. Episode Vol. 1 will be the first EP of RAINUD who work with another rising young rapper in the Korean Hip Hop scene.

RAINUD Porsche feat JUTO & Gyu Hyuk

The Last diary of 18 years old

RAINUD Episode Vol. 1 Tracklist

RAINUD Episode Voll. 1 cover
  1. The End of My Life feat Jeminn
  2. Out of Time feat ZePault, JUTO
  3. Porsche feat JUTO & Gyu Hyuk
  4. 떠나지마 feat SESHIN & Lee Hanul
  5. What you Goin Do? Feat Touch The Sky
  6. 이미 가진 것처럼 feat Juto & XAND

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